Islam is a backward religion? Don't upvote this post

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Sholat/salah together (jama'ah). wikipedia

Assalamu'alaikum (peace be upon you), well, I am a Muslim and in this paper, I am sure many of you will reject what I write, and I will get ready to lose a follower :D

In this article, I will position myself as an Islamic writer (even if you do not admit it :P) because I am a follower of Islam, a believer of Islam, follow His prophet and I also hope to die in Islam.

After I explain my position on this paper then, I apologize to everyone wherever you are who have been hurt by my Muslim brother intentional or not.
I will not lie to you that "it is Islam", you may be surprised by what I write.

You say Islam is a religion of Saudi Arabia born in 610 AD, but you forget that Saudi Arabia was born in 1932, which means you declare that Saudi Arabia has existed 1322 years before they were born?

You say Islam is a backward religion and needs to be reformed, my brother, if only Al-Khawarizmi did not find algebra and algorithm then you can not read this paper, operate a smartphone, computer and so on. Without the algorithm there is no laptop/computer/smartphone, without a laptop, you can not read and write an article on the internet to degrade Islam. You may think that all this knowledge exists by itself and you just enjoy it today. But I think it's just a simple thing because he only found the number 0 instead of a drone.

You may also not know Ibn Sina/Avicenna, Ibn Rush/Averroes, Ar-Razi because I'm sure you do not need the basic process, you just need results, you just need medicine when you are sick, you just need a doctor to operate you, but you turn a blind eye to that matter. It does not matter because I do not feel disadvantaged, and other Muslims I am sure do not feel disadvantaged.

Then you say that every European glory is born by itself, it does not matter because as David Levering (the double-winning historian of Pulitzer Prizer) says that "there is no renaissance century, no European reform, if Ibn Sina, Ibn Rusy if they do not exist" okay I will continue this paper.

There are those of you who say that Islam is a religion of no tolerance, we forget what happened during the world war I and which countries were involved to kill millions of people, including civilians. And I found the Turkish sultanate there, I do not know if the predominantly Muslim Turkish Sultanate triggered the war.

This well-known image was taken by a Nazi perpetrator of the mass killings of 2,749 Jews on the beach near the city of Liepāja, in Latvia, on December 15 through 17, 1941. These women had been forced to disrobe and then pose for the camera. Scholarly work has led to the identification of some of the women shown. wikipedia

Then the world war II, I did not find Turkey and Saudi Arabia there. History mentions NAZI and some other countries that triggered the conflict, NAZI has made various problems for people in those days, such as ethnic cleansing and so forth, hundreds of thousands and even millions. I'm not sure that NAZI is Muslim.

Then there was another massacre in 1099 AD, the Jews and Muslims together struggled to defend Jerusalem from the attacks of the Franks, what happened then? The Franks won and managed to slaughter the Muslim and Jewish population of Jerusalem, in addition to killing them as well as looting and destroying the building of worship in the city, It is said that the city of Jerusalem has been flooded with blood (need references?), May they not know that I write about them currently.

If 9/11 is a terrorist act and make 2,996 people dead then I will not mention the 30,000 civilians killed in Afghanistan, 100,000 more people died in Iraq and some other systems that still occur to this day in various countries like Syria and more, and I'm sure it was not the terrorists that caused dozens moreover hundreds of thousands of people dead, so who has killed it? I have no idea.

I just want to write the above because there are still many crimes that Muslims may do to this day and I can not describe one by one because it seems like I have to read many more history.


After choosing to be silent I finally had to write this paper
Why are you so angry with Islam?
Probably would answer "because Islam teaches hatred", maybe.
But who is hated?
Islam does not hate non-Muslims because our Prophet taught us to protect non-Muslims.
So, anyone who does not protect non-Muslims then he does not follow the teachings of Islam.

Whoever hurt the non-Muslim peace, then I (Rasulullah) will be his opponent on the Day of Resurrection (Muslim).

Barangsiapa menyakiti kafir dzimmi (non-muslim yang berdamai) , maka aku (Rasulullah) akan menjadi lawannya di hari kiamat (HR Muslim)

When should non-Muslims be protected by Muslims?
When non-Muslims appreciate and respect Islam (life peace with Islam)

If so then in fact what is happening right now so you are very angry and hate towards Islam?
Because you are being herded to hate and hostile to Islam, but do not ask who leads you.

If, the campaign to hate and host against Islam is successful then what?
Then you will see many Muslims who will leave Islam, you will make Muslims as enemies and try to finish him off.

If there were no more Islam in this world then would you be happy?
Can you guarantee no more terrorism? Murder and other crimes? because of the stigma, you give to Islam today.

Who else will you hate if Islam does not exist anymore?
what is another religion? what other nations? what is another ideology? or yourself. I do not know, what kind of world you are actually building right now.

You say that a Muslim-majority country is a poor country?
This is the data I get.
5 The richest country source

  1. Qatar
    Qatar is in the Arabian peninsula and enforces sharia law as the legal basis
  2. Luxemburg
    A culturally rich European country
  3. Singapore
    A country located in Asia continental are the source of its economy comes from the industrial sector and others.
  4. Bruney Darussalam
    The small country on the island of Borneo is the largest exporter of LPG in the world
  5. Kuwait
    Being in Arabian Peninsula and using Dinar as the legal currency.

Of the five lists of countries, which country is yours? The country you call a rich country, a country that guarantees freedom of voice and the most peaceful.

Never mind, I think I will continue this discussion on another occasion, hopefully, you are not angry with what I write.


Islam is a religion that teaches peace. Islam is the religion of rahmatan lil 'alamin which means Islam is a religion that brings mercy and prosperity to the whole universe, including animals, plants and jinns, let alone fellow human beings. In accordance with the word of Allah in Surat al-Anbiya verse 107 which reads, "And We have sent you, but to be mercy for all the world." Islam forbids man to be arbitrary against God's creatures. as far as I read posts that slander Islam, then I am raising a verse of the Qur'an that I believe there explained we must not hate other religions what else people who are different from each other religion

The word Islam implies deliberate "Accommodation" or "Surrender" to the Will of God. It gets from the root word "salam," which means peace.

In the Quran, God characterizes that the main reason for which He made humankind is to Worship Him. Islam perceives that mankind has free decision in whether to obey or defy God, at the end of the day we will be considered responsible to God in the following life for the decisions that we make in this life.

Islam places incredible significance in the conviction that the spirit offers life to a human body. In like manner, in its nonappearance, the human body bites the dust and breaks down. Be that as it may, the spirit is everlasting and will be brought together with the body on the Day of Resurrection, when God will raise everybody to respond in due order regarding their deeds on earth. Islam urges the person to center around keeping the spirit sound, through the recognition, acquiescence and love of God. There ought to be a right adjust in reinforcing the spirit and not over-reveling with the joys of the body.

Islam is a religion that teaches goodness to all beings on earth. Islam does not teach violence, but teaches goodness, Islam is not afraid of violence, nor does it teach Islam hate, because for us Muslims are a peace that we cherish. Do not ever interfere with our religion, because we are not easily disturbed and shaken. Islam Religion Rahmatallil Alamin ..

We even brought the paper mill to Al-Andalus (Spain before it was Spain) from Central Asia (Battle of Talas)... soo many of them would not even have their Bibles printed if it were not for us encouraging the distribution of knowledge on paper/book.

Salaam 3laykum.
Peace to all!

God bless you bro !

God bless you to bro!

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I love Islam my religion

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