MAJOR & MINOR SINS IN ISLAM ( concluding part)

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In my previous post on this topic here is the link for those who missed it. MAJOR & MINOR SINS IN ISLAM and here is the concluding part.

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Minor sin is an act which violates Allah guidance, which in itself is not a major sin.

A minor sin is something you are ashamed of, which you would not want people to find you doing. Any mis steps, is a minor sin. They are considered minor not because they are insignificant but rather because they are not mentioned in the Quran as having a legal purnishment,

"Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) Said righteousness is a good character and a sin is that which wavers in your heart and which you do not want people to know about.

However, the minor sins are overlooked by a believer, he then engaged in them and make it part of his life style. Making a habit of a minor sin causes it to become a major sin and draws a person further from Allah and make his heart sealed and unable to comprehend or believe in Allah commandment.

" A kind of rust is put on their hearts due to their bad deeds"
Quran 83 verse 14

The prophet also said;

" When a believer commit a sin it appears on his heart as a dark spot, if he repent the spot will disappear, but if he doesn't repent, and continue the spot becomes larger till it covers the whole heart.

Allah (S.W.T) in His infinite mercy and out of His magnanimity can forgive a minor sin in a number of ways,

"He says if one avoids a major sin, He will expiate such person's minor sin."Quran 4 verse 31

Also saying of " Astagfirllah", expiates one' s minor sin.

In hadith, the prophet said,

"when a person makes ablution and washes various part of his body, the sins pertaining to that particular part of the body are washed away just like dry leaves falls from a tree as wind blows. Also in that Hadith, if a person proceeds to the masjid after performing ablution, each step taking acts as a random for his minor sins.

However a major sin can not be wiped through the aforementioned; washing away of a major sin is through sincere repentance.

Allah says

" O you who believe, turn to Allah with sincere repentance, it may be that your Lord will remit you from your sins".Quran 66 verse 8

There are three major elements of sincere repentance. First, a person most recognize and admit that he has committed sin, second, he should determine not to repeat it, and third, he shld feel ashamed and most sincerely seek for forgiveness.

I pray to Allah to forgive us all our major and minor sins and enable us to see and follow guidance of Quran and Hadith Ameen.

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