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Alhamdulilah was salatu wasalam ala rosulullah.
There are 2 kinds of sins in Islam, namely; major and minor sins. Evidences of this are in various verses in the Quran such include;

"If you avoid the major sin which you are forbidden to do, we shall expel from you your small sins."Quran 4:31

" Those who avoid great sins and illegal sexual intercourse accept the small faults."Quran 53:32

A major sin, however according to Quran and Sunnah and to the righteous scholars is any act for which Allah and Muhammad (SAW) has fixed a purnishment for, or curse of Allah is mentioned for it, or the warning of hellfire is described as a reward for engaging in such act.

" Any action for which you have been warned against is a major sin"Ibn Abbas

The prophet said " making partners with Alah, killing others unjustly, misuse of an orphan' s wealth, to use interest income, to flee from battle field, to blame pious ladies, to disobey one' s parents and to disrespect the house of Allah (SWT) all these are considered to be major sins."
Sahih Bukhari

Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) mentioned major sins in varying numbers according to time and situation. In some he mentioned three, in some; he mentioned eight while in some he mentioned seven.

Therefore, the scholars agree that no fixed numbers can be assigned to all the major sins

It is also worthy to note that, if a minor sin is committed repeatedly, it becomes a major sin. If a minor sin is committed repeatedly, boldly and carelessly, it is considered a major sin. Defaulting in an obligatory act of worship such as salat or fasting or zakat, is also a major.

" The more a sin is considered minor by a person, the more that sin becomes major in the eyes of of Allah (S.W.T). Sheikh fadail ibn ayyah

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