Is there true love without misunderstanding?

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Apparently NO!

There's no true love without MISUNDERSTANDING. No one is perfect, so there's no way all through your life in a relationship or marriage you've been making the right decisions, saying the right thing, your attitude has been superb and every other thing is okay.

Though everyone is actually praying for the best in relationships and marriages. But it is bound that there must be MISUNDERSTANDING. Except both parties have not tried anything new or there's pretence. Even as at that, there are times when one party misinterpret the other's mood, body language or anything. Which can eventually lead to misunderstanding.

Sincerely, understanding ourselves as humans is quite cumbersome. Let alone understanding someone else.

An average human doesn't listen to understand but listens to reply (Steven R. Covey).

A philosopher said:

Man has ventured on almost everything about the universe. But failed to study himself.

So in the course of trying to study and understand our loved ones. We misinterpret some part of their life which eventually leads to misunderstanding.

I don't really believe there's no love without misunderstanding. Except both parties are pretending. There has to be a misunderstanding for you to understand where you really stand with the person.

And a life full of pretence is a life heading for disaster.

For the fact that there must be misunderstanding in relationships and marriages doesn't mean we should allow it ruin our relationships and marriages.

The major thing is to control our rage and never to allow misunderstanding ruin our lives.

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