IronX Exchange and its solution to the crypto market

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The IronX Exchange platform is developed and operated by the IronFX Group which is the award-winning global leader in online trading that is recognized to have one of the most accomplished client coverage as well as customer support teams. The IronFX Group is among the leading global online trading brokers that offer unique multi-jurisdictional regulatory ecosystem, global multilingual coverage basing on customer focus excellency, a complex and unique set of trading products as well as the most advanced, full and localized funding sources in the industry, in terms of access to reputable world banking as well as payment network providers.

The Key Success Factors that IronX Exchange aims at solving

1. Regulation

a. Current issues

i. Lack of regulation between the exchanges leads to uncertainty for users, where problems that face security and accuracy of transactions and system capabilities remain dependent on different protocols that are established at choice by each exchange.

ii. Clearing as well as the settlement of transactions within unregulated markets create a greater risk to users unprotected by the regulated channels thus giving an opportunity to misuse funds without any strict accountability in place.

iii. Lack of peace of mind for investors and other users who are unprotected by regulated guidelines for exchange processes, storage of funds as well as information protection.

b. The IronX Exchange offering

i. It aims to be a fully regulated exchange that will feature a KYC and AML process which are implemented using in-house procedures or integration of the third-parties.

2. Liquidity

a. Current issues

i. Shallow order books that signal low trading volumes to potential investors, creating hesitation among would-be adopters to begin trading.

ii. The inconsistent volume that results in volatile price swings that lead to high rates that decrease profit to investors.

iii. Supply and demand efficiencies which include minimal trading pairs, as well as coin offerings especially, injure the ability in maintaining optimal volume as well as developing deep liquidity.

b. The IronX Exchange offering

i. It is an interconnected platform that is linked with multiple high-caliber exchange markets that boosts the volume.

ii. Leveraging the technology provider’s readymade connectivity with a lot of existing exchanges to offer sosphicated order books from launch.

iii. Search the possibility of seamless by combining the tradition online trading to enable access to FX market with the highest liquidity that is globally available.

3. Customer support

a. Current issues

i. Lack of experience or knowledgeable customer support team which can help and provide support and solutions to users problems.

ii. Insufficient customer support resources and communication portals with limited language coverage and unintuitive interfaces.

b. The IronX Exchange Offering

i. Experienced, multilingual customer support team which covers over 30 languages.

ii. A group of dedicated account managers that provide hotline support as well as live chat 24/7.

4. Technology

a. Current issues

i. Complex system architectures which are hard for normal users to use thus creating unnecessary difficulties.

ii. Unsecured systems that pose potential problems to user data protection

b. The IronX Exchange offering

i. Use of advanced platform which has a friendly graphic user interface that is easy to use as well as having advanced features.

ii. ironX Exchange will undertake audits from reputable international firms that will be responsible for auditing the platform and wallet infrastructure.

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