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The following is a post that I wrote for a Facebook page: irelandstories

This page is mainly about our true stories and experiences when we were studying in Ireland back then. Our motive for having this page is to help those who are interested in study abroad or study in Ireland to find a "cheaper" way to realize their dreams. 🙈

Previously, I have written a post regarding [How much we can earn from a part time job in Ireland]. Today, I am going to share about what are the 4 Top Demanding Sectors in Ireland 2019, based on my internet research.

1. Accountancy and Finance

Assumed that everyone knows, Brexit has become a tough issue in UK. PM Theresa May even has announced her resignation and quit as party leader on June 7 due to this matter. Instead of handling the uncertainties in UK, more and more financial institutions are choosing Dublin to set up in. To speed up their business, skilled workers with the right experience and cultural fit are highly needed.

Popular finance jobs are: financial analyst, payroll specialist and regulatory reporting accountant.

2. Pharmaceuticals

It is not a latest news that nine out of ten of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies (for example: Johnson & Johnson, Roche and Pfizer) are established in Ireland. Numerous pharma-related jobs are always available with these innovative companies. Last year, almost 2000 new jobs have been announced countrywide and it is expected that more announcements will be made throughout 2019.

Not to mention: Quality assurance professionals are extremely high in demand.

3. Digital Marketing

Are you a good digital marketing talent? Then you are the right candidate for all digital start-ups, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and multinational companies in Ireland! Not only in Ireland, on personal point of view, every company is looking for SOMEONEto develop its brands on the internet in order to gain competitive advantage! Basically,

if you can win over the internet, you win the world.

Key hiring areas: e-commerce, content marketing and customer relationship management (CRM).

4. Technology

The tech sector is developing rapidly in Ireland until the demand for tech talents is greater than the available local supply. Now, they are increasingly looking to abroad to source the employees they need. So, it’s your chance to work for Irish companies!

Some of the most in-demand jobs for 2019 include: UI developers, software engineers and developers, etc.

Happy reading and hope this helps you~

PS: IS your career listed? Whether the answer is a YES or NO, as long as you are happy with what you are doing right now, why bother? haha. Our study abroad experiences have taught us to see things differently. It has enlighten and enrich our knowledge and lives. Future is full of possibilities, especially with the existence of internet. We wish that you will experience the same, or, way more exciting and interesting than ours.

"Ireland stories, discover the Irish wonders." 🔮

Full articles can be found Ireland Stories.

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Lol, looking for a job in Ireland when Irish people are migrating out for jobs?

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Just like we go to Singapore then Singaporeans go ang mo countries 😆

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Lol it's quite true but Ireland is not a popular migration destination though. I've seen many Irish people in Australia due to lack of job opportunities back in Ireland

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