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The following is a post that I wrote for a Facebook page: irelandstories

This page is mainly about our true stories and experiences when we were studying in Ireland back then. Our motive for having this page is to help those who are interested in study abroad or study in Ireland to find a "cheaper" way to realise their dreams. To be specific, don't be cheated by some bad educational agents. 🙈

When I was studying in Ireland, I got a part time job as a home tutor, with 10 euro per hour, which is more than the current minimum wage in Ireland.

Well, what is the minimum wage per hour 🤔?

👉 Starting from 1st January 2019, it has went up by 25 cent per hour, from 9.55 euro to 9.80 euro 😍! It's merely equal to ~RM45 PER HOUR. Such a “good bargain”! So attracting right!

✋ But! Yes, there is a BUT.

New laws were introduced on 4th March 2019, wherein the minimum wage rates that apply in Ireland are now purely on age and not on previous work experience or training 💥.

  • Age under 18: 6.86 euro per hour
  • Age 18: 7.84 euro per hour
  • Age 19: 8.82 euro per hour
  • Age 20 or more: 9.80 euro per hour

😬 Anyway, as long as you are 20++ years old, you should earn 9.80 euro per hour.

💫 And it is actually top 5 highest wage rate per hour you can get in European countries (🏆.

👩💻👨💻 As a full time student

we are eligible to work for 20 hours per week during our study semester and 40 hours per week during our semester break.

Some say that, if you work for 10 hours per week, what you earn can actually sustain your expenditures on grocery shopping, home-cook food and transportation 🙊.

When both of us were studying in Ireland, MIn Tiong only took a part time job as a home tutor (which was recommended by her friend) whereas Susan Yek had working experiences in laundry shop, restaurants, media, etc. So, Susan Yek could give you a better advice on finding a job in Ireland 🤠

In general, the popular/common jobs 🤤 that a student can do are

  1. At a restaurant 🥤 (Chinese, Fast-food, dim sum, etc.)
  • cleaner
  • waitress/waiter
  • kitchen helper
  • cashier
  1. At a supermarket 🛒
  • cashier
  • cashier helper
  • cleaner
  1. At a hotel 🏨
  • cleaner
  1. At a bar/pub 🍻 (you might need to work until midnight or early in the morning)
  • cleaner
  • salesgirl/salesman

PS: 👾

We only can work for a professional job, like an accountant or an engineer after getting a graduate student visa as mentioned in previous post click here.

Happy reading and hope this helps you~

"Ireland stories, discover the Irish wonders." 🔮


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Full article can be found in Ireland Stories

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