Why You Should Buy And Hold IQ.Cash And How To Buy IQ.Cash From The Various Exchange?

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Do you know? IQ.Cash is the most underrated masternode coin in the coinmarketcap using IQ.Cash you can earn 300% return from your investment (ROI). If you compare the masternode return of IQ.Cash is very high from the existing masternode coins and the masternode price is also very low which is around 600 dollars at the moment because you need 3000 IQ.Cash to run a masternode.

By running the masternode of the IQ.Cash can be source of passive income where the masternodes get 57% from the block rewards and 43% of block rewards goes to the miners and 6% goes to the development of the IQ.Cash IQ.cash ecosystem. IQ.Cash can be a lifesaver for you from the bearish market effect where we all struggle to get profit or goes for a long term holding for which no income occurs but if we run a masternode or multiple masternode of IQ.Cash then we will get a monthly return which can be used for our daily expenses during the bearish market or to buy more coins at a cheap price.

These above paragraphs are just a little introduction to the IQ.Cash to read the complete details and guide to set up masternode you can read my previous article so let's discuss how to buy IQ.cash as to justify the title of the heading.

How To Buy IQCash From The Various Exchange?


IQ.Cash is listed in the various important crypto exchange like HitBTC, Bithumb Global, P2PB2B, CoinsBit, BitForex, CREX24, and Mercatox. You can also buy IQ.Cash directly from the IQ.Cash website and tradersfair.com so here in the article, we will discuss how to buy IQ.Cash from various places.

How to buy IQ.Cash from HitBTC exchange?


Buying IQ.Cash from the hitBTC exchange is little complicated so you need to follow my instruction to easy execution of your buying order and you have to follow three steps below.

Step-1: In the first step you have to visit the hitBTC exchange to create an account in the hitBTC exchange so you can click here to visit the exchange. 01.pngAfter clicking on the link, you will be redirected to the home page of the hitBTC exchange now click on the signup button and fill your detail then click on the submit button then you will get a mail for to confirm your account so click on that link and confirm your account as fast as you can.

Step-2: Then get back to the sign-in page and sign in to your hitBTC account,
and now time to recharge your account with some bitcoin so you can buy bitcoin using credit/debit card from coin base and sent that bitcoin into your hitBTC account by clicking in the deposit symbol then wait some time until the bitcoin credited to your account.

Step-3:After bitcoin credited to your account now transfer your bitcoin from the main account to trading account by clicking on the arrow then a box will open now fill the amount of bitcoin you want to send and then click on the "transfer"

Step-4: After bitcoin transfer to your trading account now click on the exchange tab and go to the marketplace than in the marketplace search "IQ" in the search box and you will show the BTC-IQ pare then click on it to redirect into the IQ.Cash market.

Step-5:Now little scroll down you will see buy and sell boxes and from the buy box you have to select the best bid price then put the amount of IQ.Cash you want to buy then click on the buy button now your order will be placed and after your order complete you can check your wallet balance then withdraw your IQ.Cash coins into your personal wallet.

How to buy IQ.Cash from BIthumb exchange?

Step-1:Same like hitBTC exchange you have to create an account in the Bithumb exchange by vising this link- click here .
Opera Snapshot_2020-05-12_114932_www.bithumb.pro.png
Now you are redirected to the homepage of the bithumb exchange now click on the register button and then you will redirect to the registration page now fill your details according to the sequence marked by me then after click on the "Create my account" button you will get a confirmation mail then verify your account.
Opera Snapshot_2020-05-12_115030_www.bithumb.pro.png

Step-2: Now login into your account by click on the login button
Opera Snapshot_2020-05-12_115236_www.bithumb.pro.png

Opera Snapshot_2020-05-12_115454_www.bithumb.pro.png

then after that recharge or deposit some bitcoin into your account by clicking on the deposit button or you can buy bitcoin directly using your cards by visiting the direct buy option in the deposit section. Now to deposit bitcoin from your personal wallet just after the visit to the deposit section search bitcoin and copy the bitcoin wallet address and must check twice before deposit.
Opera Snapshot_2020-05-12_115610_www.bithumb.pro.png

Step-3:After bitcoin credited to your wallet now click on the "spot trading"option on the homepage
Opera Snapshot_2020-05-12_122620_www.bithumb.pro.png
then go with basic or advance after that in the market place window you have to click on the drop-down button and make a search of IQ-BTC pare then click on it to visit the IQ-BTC market window now the buy/sell box is on the right side of your window where you can put the amount of coin you want to price by biding a price and after successful of your order your coins will be credited to your account then you can withdraw your coins to run masternode.
Opera Snapshot_2020-05-12_120121_www.bithumb.pro.png

How to buy IQ.Cash from BitForex exchange?

Step-1:Buyin IQ.Cash from the Bitforex exchange is very simple first you have to create an account in the Bitforex exchange and to create an account first visit this link-Click here
then you will redirect to the homepage of the bitforex exchange now click on the "register" then you will redirect to the registration page where you have to fill your details and click on the "register" button and then confirm your account by visiting the link and after verifying now login to your bitforex account.

Now after login now it's time to recharge your account by visiting the asset page then click on the deposit and then you have two option to recharge your account first you can directly buy bitcoin using debit/credit card or can deposit directly from your personal wallet by click on the second option.

Step-2:Then after bitcoin credited to your wallet now come to the homepage of the bitforex and click on the "spot"
option and visit the exchange window and then make a search "IQ" in the search box then click on the result "IQ/BTC" and you will be redirected to the IQ-BTC
pair where you have to scroll little down you can see the buy/sell box now on the left side of buy box put the bidding price, amount of IQ and percent of BTC with which you want to buy then click on the buy button and you all done.
I don't recommend you to buy IQ.Cash from the CREX24, and Mercatox exchange because these exchanges have very low volume.

How to buy IQ.Cash directly from the IQ.Cash website?

Opera Snapshot_2020-05-14_112740_iq.cash.png
Before start telling how to buy IQ.Cash from the IQ.Cash website keeps in mind that you can't buy less than 3000IQ.Cash coin from this website or you only can buy masternode for your flits wallet to start your masternode and to know more how to run masternode flits wallet you can read my first article.
Opera Snapshot_2020-05-14_112844_iq.cash.png

So buy IQ.Cash from the IQ.Cash website visit this link- click herethen click on the buy IQ.Cash button then you will redirect to the buying page now and then select the amount of masternode you want to buy then put your IQ.Cash wallet address from flits wallet then fill your fls address and complete the payment with your PayPal.

And to know more about you can follow the below links:-

Website, Twitter, Telegram, IQ.Cash, Youtube, Github, ANN Bitcointalk, Facebook

BTT Bounty

Flits wallet APP Link- google play store, Apple store

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