Introduction And Guide To IQ.Cash That How To Earn 300-400% Of Passive Income Without Leaving Your House?

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When cryptocurrency was introduced then no one was thought that crypto mining will be a tough job in the future on the basis of power, and money because in the beginning when bitcoin was introduced it needed to be mine through proof of work algorithm then after a while when the popularity of Bitcoin grown then everybody jumps into the Bitcoin mining and you know that how the difficulty of bitcoin mining is growing every day wherein 2009 you can mine bitcoin with a simple computer but now you need powerful ASIC miner for profitable bitcoin mining so today everybody can't start bitcoin mining it needs huge investment and monthly maintenance which is so cost-effective.

And to solve this above problem there are other means of mining is introduced like proof of stake and master node mining all tho is same but in proof of stake you can stake any number of coins but in the master node, you have to hold a particular number of coins to run a master node, for example, NAV coin is a proof of stake coin so you can stake any amount of coin to get a return but the dash coin is a master node coin so run a master node you have to hold exact 1000 dash coin and you may know that 1000 dash coin will cost you approx 80k dollar.

May be after reading this article you are thinking of proof of stake coin is good to go with because this may be cheap for you but my friend before you come to any decision let me clear you one thing that yes proof of stake coins are cheap to start but the return of investment(ROI) is very low and the ROI gets calculated yearly for example if you stake your NAV coin then you will get 4% ROI per annum but if you are able to afford a Dash coin masternode then you will able to earn 417$ per month but the problem is acquiring a masternode of dash coin is not possible for everyone and personally I think there are many good masternode coins in the market who are very cheap to start with and IQ.Cash is one of them.

In fact, we all know that the price of a coin is dependent on the supply and demand of the coin as in the past when dash coin is priced around lesser than one dollar and that moment to buy a masternode was very cheap but people have missed the chance and now we all know Dash masternode is a dream and same like that IQ.Cash is currently cheap and the supply also very low and there are many good features in IQ.Cash over Dash coin so keep reading this article I will tell why you should invest in the masternode of IQ.Cash and how to start a master node of IQ.Cash.

What is IQ.CASH?


IQ.Cash is the masternode coin that was launched in 2018 and this has huge master node rewards than dash you can get 300% ROI per annum and you need 3000 IQ.Cashcoin to run a masternode which will cost you around 500 dollars and as per ROI, you can earn $78.67 per month as per current price for more details you can check IQ.Cash block explorer website. IQ.Cash not only provides you good ROI with master node but also many other features like security, ASIC resistance, fast transaction, anonymity, etc.

The features are providing by IQ.Cash is the most common or we all may already getting these features from other coins but there are some unique features that IQ.Cash is providing are huge ROI and ASIC resistance we all know how much ROI we can get if we invest in the masternode but if you want to know what is ASIC resistance? then let me tell you ASIC resistance is the best feature that can create barriers to connect ASIC miners in the mining network of IQ.Cash because when a coin become popular then a huge number of miner jump into that coin to mine and then miners start using ASIC miners to get maximum mining rewards so the reward distribution does not equally happen among the miners so the miner with huge power can get huge rewards and the old miner who are connected from the start suffer most but IQ.Cash will not let this discrimination because of this feature ASIC resistance.

How to make 300-400% of passive income with IQ.Cash?

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As we all know that we can earn a passive income of 300% by investing in the master node of IQ.Cash but you may not know how to set up your masternode to start earning from this month so keep reading this article I will describe step by step how to set up a master node.

The computer in which you run your masternode needs to be run 24x7 which is technically impossible because if we run our personal computer 24x7 then it may be got crashed so to run your masternode 24x7 there are two way first you have to rent a virtual private server (VPS) or you can use flits wallet where it has an inbuilt environment to run IQ.Cash master node.

How to set-up IQ.Cash master node in the VPS?

First of all, you need a little more than 3000 IQ.Cash in your wallet then you have to rent a VPS which normally costs you around 2 dollars per month. Keep in mind you have to rent Linux, Ubuntu 16.04 VPS to run your masternode but to get a withdrawal of your earning rewards you can use your home system. Now to buy IQ.Cash you can use any exchange where IQ.Cash is listed or you can buy directly from IQ.Cash website to know more about the listed exchange and direct buy from the website Click here

Now let's discuss step by step to setup masternode in VPS:-

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Step-1: First of all, install the wallet in your computer from this link- click here then fund your wallet with 3001 the extra one coin is for trnsaction fees.

Step-2:Now login into your VPS dashboard under any user ​with root or sudo privileges.​You can use​​ Putty ​or ​​WinSCP​ for connection VPS providers like ovh, aruva, and Now in your linux VPS Run the installing script file "curl -sL | sudo -E bash" (Copy and paste this line don't lick on it) and let it take some time and after it shows "masternode installed" like below image now you have to save your masternode key and masternode.conf string somewhere to use it later.


Step-3:This is the main step where we broadcast our masternode to the VPS so now open your desktop wallet, go to ​Tools->Debug Console. In text box below type the command
"masternode outputs" It should show you some codes like this:
{"256842fn36e2cba66ab277fc9e3c51d2df1ed35e79442a3d01fbf8ee67ko76aw": "1}
To understand better you can see the screenshot below:-

Copy that code without copying the quotes because these long codes represent your transaction id and the shortcode represents your transaction index.


Now go to ​"Tools" then "Masternode configuration file".​It will open your masternode.config file. It's needed to begin and tracing your masternode. Then paste here prepared masternode.conf string that we've received on step 2 now INPUT TX with long transaction id, and INPUT INDEX with short transaction index that we've saved from the beginning of step 3.



Now go to ​"Settings" then "Options" and then "Wallet"​ then enable "Show Masternodes Tab" and restart the wallet. Now, wait until the wallet finishes syncing if you get the error "out of sync" then you have to check where done a mistake after then wallet get sync then go to "Masternodes" tab. You should see your masternode. Select it and run "Start alias".



Well done now your masternode broadcasted after some hr it will start getting masternode reward but if after some hr it won't stat then you can again click on "Start alias" or better to contact support.

How to set-up IQ.Cash master node in the flits App?

Here you need to have money in your PayPal account and wallet and to download flits wallet you can click on the link below on this article after installing the wallet follow these steps to set up the masternode in the IQ.Cash.

First of all, create a new wallet in the flits app and store the seed keywords somewhere in a safe place then login to your wallet and click on the "new wallet " button and search IQ.Cash and add theIQ.Cash wallet to the flits wallet dashboard then copies the IQ.Cash deposit address then go to your personal tab of the flits wallet and click on the "fees and payment" and copy the " FLS address" then visit the link to buy required number of masternode Click here
Screenshot_2020-05-10 Buy IQ Cash masternode - Traders Fair Awards Events, Trends, Technology and News Social Network.png

After clicking on that link you will be redirected to the page like below where you have to put your IQ.Cash wallet address and fls address and use your PayPal account to make payment after some minute all your coin will be credited and your masternode will start to run. I hope you understand the above process to use the flits wallet but if want some graphic representation then you may read this article

If you compare both this masternode setup process then you may get easy to go with flits wallet because here you don't need to go with the complicated process and you also need to pay 1.99 euro for server fees at flits wallet as like VPS fees which are very negligible as compared to your ROI from the masternode.

But you are already using the VPS server for your personal/business use then only go with VPS t setup masternode and you don't need to worry it will not affect the processing power of your server because masternode mining doesn't require huge power consumption for mining. So if you ask me the preferred place to run the masternode of IQ.Cash then my answer is flits wallet because that wallet will remain in my pocket and I can run multiple masternode with a single click and can withdraw my coin anytime if I want.


This conclusion is truly my thought towards this project IQ.Cash and its masternode after writing this article by doing research I feel that this project is a strong project with good fundamentals and base and most of the people don't recognize underrated project when that is available at cheap price and in future, they regrate for example dash coin was so cheap in the past where one masternode was priced around 300 dollars on 2014 but now you can see dash masternode cost approx 80k to buy and same like that IQ.Cash is an underrated coin but in the future, it because it also becomes valuable, and maybe you will regrate by missing the chance to acquire a masternode and according to me investing in the masternode of the IQ.Cash is like doing a savings account in the bank or more than this because here you will get 300% yearly profit which is more than a bank's ROI and your masternode also remains under the control of your so you can anytime withdraw your coin if you found something wrong but a bank maybe doesn't return your money before saturation period and only pays 4-6% interest so now you can decide with whom you have to go.

The sign because of which I thought that IQ.Cash can explode at any moment that is already listed in so many reputable exchanges like BitHumb, BitForex, HitBTC, CoinsBIT, P2PB2B, etc. and in the future when it will get listed in other good exchange then it will become skyrocket because the circulating supply of the coin is very low which is 3,896,163 and total supply is 11,296,163 with 24 hr volume of 239.89610451 BTC which is a good sign of underrated coin so what you think then this is the right time to buy and hold this coin or to buy a masternode for you and for more information about the coin you can visit the important links below.

Website, Twitter, Telegram, IQ.Cash, Youtube, Github, ANN Bitcointalk, Facebook

BTT Bounty

Flits wallet APP Link- google play store, Apple store

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Risk warning!!: All the information above are not financial advice and neither legal nor illegal advice all are my opinion and this article is of your knowledge Before. investment do your own research because nobody will responsible for your profit or loss


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