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RE: From Vilnius to Siauliai: My IPFS Dtube server update

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Sooner or later I’m gonna have to get you guys help on setting up my own uploader, I want to whitelist a few people for the sake making their lives easier 💪

Don’t think I would be able to setup a gateway though as my home IP changes now and again.... but I always have the onelove links and the IPFS ones will always work for my videos 😉 possibly even the ones just on my node when I get that going! Now I wonder about embeds, does steemit support our embeds like they do DTube?

Thanks for putting this together, great way of encouraging more users to host their own @dtube files 💪 also appreciate you supporting the @dtubenetwork 🙌


@d00k13 You should, its a bit of a learning curve but since graylan and I have done it we can support you if you into into issues. Just get yourself a $10 a month node like mine.

You may be able to use NoIP's service for a dynamic IP. And yeah sadly I tried to use my URL as an Embed but did not work, as well as what @techcoderx pointed out.

Ah no problem, building servers like this has helped me learn alot about linux and improving my problem solving skills. A bonus is the utility my server brings me, but the learning I think has been the most important to me. And having support by the community really encourages me to learn more.

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Well I run my node from home currently repurposed the mining rig I had going 😅 I figure I’ll try first there and possibly rent a node down the road but honestly I’d rather avoid paying anything at all making it the most sustainable for myself say I need to take a break from Steem or anything like that 😉

Yea buddy for me it’s about the learning also, I just find Ubuntu to be a little over whelming.... seriously thinking about picking up a few classes from the various online options like skill share just to get the basic understanding and from there I have dreams of starting to develop my own projects 🤞 only supports according to the source code

Ahh well... how hard do think it would be to encourage them to include universal embed support?

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It won't be easy to get them to do it 😐

It seriously is in the best interest to support a wide variety of content, I believe we can do it just need the right people on board with the idea.

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@d00k13 and @techcoderx There are alot of proposals to make changes to Steemit's structure, @shadowspub may able to assist us with such a change. As the user has put proposals up to vote regarding steemit changes. Ill ask them next time im on their Discord server.

Sounds like a plan buddy 💪 if we want more people here I say we need to support their choices in content!

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