IOTA to be listed on bittrex?

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Hey guys Chucky here,

A very important news has been released regarding IOTA, what has happened is that has added IOTA to its API which makes us think strongly that it would be offering the cryptocurrency in the coming days. According to analysts, this would increase the value of the cryptocurrency considerably.

At this moment IOTA is in the "eye of the hurricane" as it is expected that Microsoft will join the project giving greater strength to the price of the IOTA which is positioned at $ 3.72 today - on the other hand we have an increase in the interest of investors for this currency which has been categorized as the currency that will give the machines their own economy and with a great advantage which is that no miners are needed for transactions, therefore the commissions are nil.

In the Bittrex API code we can see the following line of code which would be announcing the arrival of IOTA, this will be decided (according to analysts) based on the result of the agreements between IOTA and Microsoft, that is why it has been added to the public yet, but it is on the side of the code to which the user obviously has no access to purchase or sell.

Code found in the Bittrex API

Currency "," MinConfirmation ": 1," TxFee ": 0.00100000," IsActive ": false," CoinType ":" IOTA "," BaseAddress ": null," Notice ":" Automated Maintenance. "},

What does Bittrex say?
So far Bittrex has not referred to the issue officially, although the insertion of the code we can deduce that its in process and that the decision would be taken after December 15, 2017 where we could see a strong increase in the IOTA .

At the moment buying IOTA has become somewhat complicated since Coinbase has been down for more than 5 hours and one of the most viable options is Bitfinex which gives the IOTA / BTC pair. Transactions to Bitfinex have not been going through for the last couple of days.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming future of IOTA? Id say if you have the chance. Grab some before you cant.

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I was able to get Iota at $2.90 on Binance but if this moves to Bittrex there are possibility of bigger gains.

I stopped using Bittrex, it was getting too complicated.


I dont use Bittrex either. Just wondering what it will do to one of my favorite coins


Nice article. The machines are coming :D. What do you guys use then if not bittrex? Im not seeing any viable alternatives.


I use Binance for IOTA

Thanks for the heads up. IOTA will be huge in IoT and the price will start reflecting that soon. Bittrex will add some flames to the fire

Thanks for information -2 best exchanges we can buy IOTA now are and I bought IOTA at binance.comCool!

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Well written, I thought I'd see @Cheetah complaining but you nailed it all by yourself, you're a writing star man!