Please unfreeze.

Hello @ionomy...

I have a question: I deposited 30 Steem to my ionomy account (from Steem) and made a test transfer of the same amount to the bittrex Exchange.. I am not sure whether this transaction is valid . Please see attached image.

Can you please check this out since I have used Bittrex´s wallet code at Steemit in the transfer which is in the 2nd image attached below. If the transfer was invalid, please cancel the transaction and I will just leave this in my ionomy account as asset balance. Thank you.


ionomy Exchange does not currently support memo withdrawal, so you cannot withdraw directly to your account at another exchange.

You would have to withdraw first to your own wallet, then use the memo to transfer funds to your account at another exchange.

If you have any further questions, please email [email protected] and the support team will get everything squared away.

Thanks a lot for the info.

I made a mistake to sent you 10 steem with memo in(To trade).I want to change from steem to hive on ionomy exchange.This is the second time but I forget how to do and to reach on the exchange market.
So,my 10 steem is in your account and didn't get on my ionomy exchange account.
Please help me and to get there on my exchange account or back to my steem account.
Sorry for mistake and please be patience.
Thank you so much and forgive me.
Good luck to you all !
With best wishes;;///;;/


Now I remember how to send to my exchange account with memo is (5e777389a2a3e2507a4a3942).
But my 10 steem is in your steem account.
So please help me,sir.Good luch for all.

Hello, the developer checked your account and it appears that you were successful.

If you have any other questions, please complete the support form or contact [email protected] at any time.

ionomy's support team will get everything resolved!

Hey, I sent SBD to your account with proper memo code several hours ago and it is not showing up in my Ionomy wallet!

Hello, will you be resuming your steem wallet soon?

Yes, the ionomy Exchange Steem wallet has been back up and running.

I'm not sure I'm using Ionomy, correctly.

As a test, I transferred 3 Steem to my wallet, but I don't see it there, yet.


@ionomy, now, that my Steem transfer has gone through to my Ionomy wallet, how do I convert to Hive and send to my Hive account?

If you have Steem in your wallet, you can send it directly to your ionomy account. Just click on the "receive" icon (looks like a qr code) to get the routing address that you'll put in the memo when you send to ionomy.

Once you send Steem to your ionomy wallet, you can trade it for BTC and buy HIVE on the ionomy Exchange.

Thank you, for your support.

How do I send my BTC to my Coinbase Wallet?

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