Full "STEEM" ahead. Buying another 10600 Steem, then Power Up. Delegate to minnows project.

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Last week investment is a negative return across the cryptocurrency trading exchange but I continue to drive my investment full "STEEM" to the moon.

Cryptocurrency trading is bloody red, it's time to load up. Bought 1200+ STEEM and Power Up! https://yehey.org/entrepreneur/@yehey/cryptocurrency-trading-is-bloody-red-it-s-time-to-load-up-bought-1200-steem-and-power-up

And a couple of days ago, I've purchased another 106000 STEEM, then Power UP! I spread delegation of Steem Power to the following projects and to help the minnows.

  • 1100 delegation of Steem Power to Utopian-io supporting the open-source project.
  • 1000 delegation of Steem Power to @minnowproject, the community are really working hard to hep the minnows.
  • 101 delegation of Steem Power to @smartsteem also serving minnows.
  • and @shares UpGoat Project supporting the minnows. You can promote your articles for only 0.1 SBD or Steem.

If you're not using your Steem Power delegate them to projects that needs a little to push. For example the @shares UpGoat Project.

As of this time, this is the current market. Mostly in red, in my humble opinion this is the time to buy. Buy low and later sell high.

Top 10

and Top 20

Just like any other investment, you need to do your own research and due diligence before you invest. You read, research and research more, do this 2 or 3 times before you invest your hard earned money.

So what’s next? Will you wait before you buy as investors or stay away?

Vote YEHEY as your Witness or Set Proxy.

Go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses URL address then scroll down to Vote.

Or use this link to Vote - https://on.king.net/witness simply click and vote.

Please follow me @Yehey, Vote Up and Resteem
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Great job @yehey..:) your post is very interesting, I like your post, because it can add insight for me, hopefully the future can provide better posts again, so that I can know many things in my life, thank you..

Glad to know you like it.

Thank you for stopping by.

Fully red load it up matee. Also put another big stack of money intro crypto, because this is the time to load it up and hit it hard in the upcoming months. Great post and hope it works out for us mate! We in this together haha keep me updated with your posts. U got another follower.

All in my friend.

Would be nice if you can vote my Witness, that will really help me.

Almost all of what I have in STEEM is powered up and delegated to Minnowbooster.net But what you have done is both admirable and remarkable. Right now almost everything I own financially is wrapped up in crypto and my hosting business. I only wish I could make enough liquid to power up delegate 106k in STEEM.

Kudos to you my friend Hats off, Humbled I am.
You without knowing are an inspiration on STEEMit and mentor to many through your post without even knowing it.

All I have is WOW and Thank you so much. Yehey!!

Cheers to you my man. You know where to find me :)

Load it up then when the time is right SBD :P

That's a massive entrepreneurial spirit...
You already have my Witness vote... Full Steem Ahead

You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote! I just ask for a Follow in return!

we all need to keep [utting money in , IT will pay off eventually!

i have sent you a messege on discord , can you please reply?

Roger that.

I would love to invest in Steem and pass it to SP and stop being a sardine to become a dolphin, but the situation in my country is very difficult :(

dear my friends, please please please Look At My Post and So that everyone can see... https://steemit.com/life/@jonbee/one-downside-of-steemit-com-is-the-downvoting-flagging-on-a-post

hey yehey i dont know how to pm you.i want create own coin.i have a good idea for it.need technical help.i pay for it

@guisepppe Find me at discord here's an invite https://discord.gg/rSkAftP

thx i try it now

thank you for the upvote via upgoat. that was cool, I appreciate it!

I am your new follower @yehey

@yehey im your new follower... hope a minnow's vote as a witness carries weight?