One downside of is the downvoting / flagging on a post!!!!!

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Hello Dear Steemian,
I want to focus One downside of is the down-voting / flagging on a post!!!!! I know you all ask me Why?

Here is the proof that how people are missuses this option:

Look At My Post

Steem SS 01.jpg

This picture shows my 4 post but many other is in down of my blog get down-vote/flagged by @sneak & @blacklist-a.
look at this picture...

Steem SS 02.jpg

Why they down-vote me?
is that account holder/accounts from
is steemit authority give them proper permission or permit their flaggin/downvoting activity?
what they gain from this Such shocking activities?

Look at their account profile picture...


Steem SS 03.jpg


Steem SS 05.jpg

They didn't post a while. what is the fact?
why they didn't make a post continue?
Because They fear that, their work is illegal and when they do their The worst work, someone must try to give them back fire. so they didn't post

why didn't take action for this kind of those Worst people?

Look at this picture below:

Steem SS 04.jpg

and their link

they say on their link that- ["The @blacklist account is a very serious project who aim to grow over the years with supporting bots and guilds respecting the black flag as the black flag is computer-generated by a popular opinion from a wide range of always active members of the community.

There are one way to get off the blacklist once you are on it, and that is to change your behavior from evil to good over your next 40 posts. Once you have reached that number you must send 40 STEEM to the @blacklist account with "REVIEW" in the memo. Someone from our staff will then manually look at your blog within the next 24-48 hours and remove you from the list if your account now qualifies for it."]

i think if steemit authority permit this activity they can't beg money for their worst work.

we are new on this platform and we are here to learn and earn. so every newcomer do mistake. and all old steemians Should be help them to bypass that mistake. we are not prefer this kind of worst work.

Please all old steemians and witnesses have stand Against this work........

Please help us to earn & learn from this community. make this community nit & clean from Shocking people.

i pray all witness

@steemed & many other witnesses

and specially @ned to handle this worst work from


Please all steemians & my follower vote & resteem this post to reveal this kind of worst work in front....... So that everyone can see

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thanks for your post, yes @jonbee specially i sport and welcome to your work....

you are right @jonbee. many of steemian try to Collective others asset to their worst work. Thanks for explain................


thanks for your reply....

thanks for letting Us know


thanks for reply

Thanks for your information...