SBD Investment Opportunity

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I was recently contacted with regard to investing into the Steem activities that I do. This got me thinking on how I could package such an investment and what I could offer in terms of a return.

After crunching the numbers I have decided to open up a trial to see if this is viable. It will be limited to 20 participants initially, I want to keep the numbers small for management purposes, If there is sufficient interest in this to get this started I will probably create a new account for management of this only, mainly communications.

The offer is a return of 3% per week (every 7 days) for a minimum investment of 50 SBD. Interest will be paid every 7 days, money can be withdrawn at anytime but to make life easier (in terms of interest calculations) it will be returned at the very next interest due date.

If you urgently require the funds then this will be done but you will lose any interest for the part of that 7 day interest period the money was held.

I reserve the right to terminate this at anytime and all funds will be returned with interest owed, I would let the scheme run on until its next interest payment date to make it easier to manage.

The idea is to have a set 7 day cycle that all investments are synced to, this is again to keep the management of this as simple as possible.

If you are interested please reply to this post stating how much you could invest, the scheme will run for set days to keep things simple, I will start the trial as soon as I get at least 5 willing to invest, those wishing to join after the scheme starts will need to contact the account running the scheme (account to be decided) and then invest before the current cylce starts. Failure to invest before the start of the current round will result in the funds NOT getting any interest for that week and only accrue interest from the following week on wards, the reason again is to keep things simple and easy to manage.

This would represent an APR of 156% which is a very good return on this platform.

Again I would reiterate, that at any time the scheme becomes non viable, I reserve the right to stop the scheme and all funds and interest will be returned as mentioned above.

Interest will be paid in STEEM only

The only other quirk with this scheme you will need to adhere to is this, I require the conversion of the Steem that I hold into SDB, to enable this, every 2 cycles (14 days) I will select 2 or more accounts (on a rotation period) that will get their investment and interest paid back fully in STEEM. Those accounts selected will have their full balance plus interest paid at least 24 hours before the next 7 day cycle starts, allowing ample time for reinvestment of SBD if they so wish.

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Sounds like a pyramid scam at the face of it.
However, depending on the way you want to do it, could be viable.
I don't know what exactly want to do,
if you want to share more details,
that would perhaps make people more confident in the project.
What I would mostly object to is the funds transfer.
If you want to basically make a bid bot, or even self upvote bot,
wouldn't it be more transparent and safe for investors to have them just delegate SP to that account?

I understand your concerns, I have explained to an earlier poster why its not a pyramid scheme. I thought I pretty much explained the detail in the post, not much else to add. Delegation doesn't work unfortunately otherwise I could just bid for delegated SP from Minowbooster. Yes the funds transfer is a risk and a trust issue I am aware of. The funds are not used for making a bid bot or self upvote bot.

The basics are that I need to recycle Steem into SDB, If I use blocktrades 100 Steem gets me 119 SBD, using the current rates on Bittrex I should get 124.443 SDB that's a difference of 5.433 SDB, the interest I am paying would equate to 3.7 SDB on 124.443 SDB so the deal is good for me. Otherwise I have to transfer out to Bittrex, then sell Steem for BTC, then buy SDB with the BTC then transfer back in.

I have had trouble getting orders filled and I am open to currency movements. With this I believe it is a win - win situation. Ideally I would have only one or two investors so I don't have to manage to much work but that would require a greater amount of SDB for a user to trust me with hence making it 50 SDB minimum. The maximum total SDB I would need is around 5000 costing me around 150 SDB per week in interest.

This only runs whilst profitable, hence I reserve the right to close it at any time with all funds and interest returned. The initial trial run of this nets 1000 SDB if 20 users lend the minimum of 50 SDB each.

Ah, so you're getting interested in some simple small value trading.
The difference in price between platforms, fluctuations on the same platform, maybe other coins in a long run if you get the taste of it.
I totally understand, that's almost clever.
I hope it works out for you. I believe that'd be a good experience to earn for yourself.

excellent idea. 100% trust @stimp1024 loyal and honest person who actually gives back to the community without his interest first. I am with you

Thanks for the kind words, that's very nice of you.

@stimp1024. Nice concept. I am interested in this project. It will be nice if we can chat on discord. I will like to discuss with you on real time. I want to know all about this project and when it will start. Please get back to me as soon as you can. Thank you

Sure thing @stimp1024, it really would be nice to chat up with you in other to fully understand and grasp the concept of this investment.

Concept like the 2 random selected accounts to receive payments and interest in STEEM every two weeks.

And one or two more curiosities.

It’s great that you’ve got integrity, if not the idea of sending SBD for interest would have raised an eyebrow.

I see this trial idea growing into something phenomenal.

Plus this is another way to create traction as well as increase, improve and monetize activities on the and the Steem Blockchain at large.

Nice ROI by the way!

Thanks for the reply, I have been a bit busy today and will not be around much tomorrow, you can catch me on the SBC discord. However I will be doing a update post as I am hoping to start the scheme next week.

You can catch me here but I am logging off shortly, I am in the UK, so you probably catch me tomorrow.

Thank you. I have added you on discord. We can connect tomorrow.

wow very nice and intrested thanks for sharing this post @stipm1024

intrested too

I'm always up for trying new stuff... I'm in. Contact me on discord for further discussions mate!

Sure, early night tonight though so i'll catch you tomorrow

Good stuff... I'm busy the next few days, working and hopefully cheering England into the final. Chat soon mate!

I find this interesting, I can do 50 SDB but would like to do more later on. I know you already have five people; I thought I should still leave my comment. I'm curious to know, how many days this scheme would run for but I know it's early days still.
I wish you the best of luck

It will only run whilst profitable for me to do so, that's why I reserve the right to stop it at anytime, but initially I would run it for a couple of months at the bare minimum.

That makes complete sense. I see you're looking to start next week, I'll put the funds by until then. I will also leave any questions, I have until your update post.

Hi I would be interested. would I have to delegate SP to you? not sbd.

You would send the SDB to me, I understand you would be trusting me but I hope you can see from my account I am heavily invested in steem and have built up a reputation that I don't want to throw away. There will be a limit to the amount I would ever need for the operations I run so it will not be a pump and exit scam.

not got issue with trust your account seems legit enough but not really sure about what your going to do as in create a bid bot or gamble the sbd on bets? having said that I love a gamble so put me down for 50 SBD will do some point next week if that's ok. Just give us more details on what account etc when you get a chance.

Thanks for the support, the reason for a new account is so I can manage this effectively, I do a lot on this account and all the entrants to the giveaway mean lots of traffic which means I can miss things. Next week is fine and thanks again.


Great i'll be in touch if we get to 5

I'm in @stimp1024.
I trusted you enough to send you 100 sbd at the drop of a hat and if you hadn't been painting your lounge at the time i would have had the steem back in return in a flash (the one disappointment was that you were painting your lounge and not stood at an easel creating a masterpiece :) )
Send me a memo and let me know when you are ready to go and I will convert some steem to sbd as I only have 30 or so at the moment.

Hi @p-props appreciate that many thanks. You know the bad news? With the heat and the football I haven't finished that lounge yet :)

but the heat makes the paint dry faster and there haven't been any matches for a couple of days!!

Why don't you use your brain? or you don't have a brain? You always sent bid at last moment. why? is there any reason? If you sent old post then why at the last moment? If you send first then people will stop bidding but you send at the last moment. Then ROI goes to minus. Please use your brain and send bid at the beginning not at the last moment. Who takes the instant vote they sent at the last moment but your post is old. then why?

Just thought I should add don't send funds to any account that may contact you claiming to be me. I will create a new post with the account name that will be used. I am aiming to start this late next week to give people time to get the relevant funds.

We should all be aware and cautious of this right here. Very important.

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