Will the Investment Portfolio of the TOP 100 Cryptocurrencies Succeed? The Final Results

in investment •  2 months ago

Bitcoin wins

I started this experiment a year ago, and I still do not believe we are already at the end. The portfolio has not changed in value. I put 12 000 dollars in the test and I have 12 000 now.

But the truth is, I’ve put in 3 BTCs that were worth 12 000 USD. Today, 3 BTCs would be 19 000 USD. If I had the entire investment in Bitcoins, I would be much better off.

Overall development during the year

Right from the start of the whole project, I moved most of the coins to Trezor and Ledger to keep them safe and to avoid unnecessary risk by having them on exchanges. Eventually, I bought a new notebook where I installed the wallets of most of the remaining coins. At the end of the first month, several currencies did 100% profit, including Monero, Verge or PivX.

But the biggest boom happened at the end of the year, when the whole portfolio reached the highest value of 76 000 USD. So in that time it was an appreciation of about 600%. But since then, the only way was down and it went to the current 12 000 USD, which is the same value as the initial investment.

During the year, several exchanges ceased to exist, and many coins are dead now. Below you may see that, for example, Bitconnect, MCAP or Stox are brutally in the red numbers and they almost completely lost their value.

Fortunately, the portfolio also contains coins which made a great profit. It is Stellar, Binance or Verge where the evaluation reached hundreds of percent.

Lesson learned

As I wrote in the first article, I invested 10 hours of pure time to purchase the coins and then some time to install all the wallets and write the articles.

I started studying more. I read the interesting book Cryptoassets and thanks to it I realized that although this was an interesting experiment for me, I will invest only in a few carefully selected coins in the future. My classics are Bitcoin, Litecoin and Monero. I have also invested in the currency Horizen (formerly ZenCash), which gives me a “passive” income.

What will I do next with the portfolio?

I have several options what to do with the portfolio. I can keep it and wait for bigger appreciation. But it may happen that in half a year I will have less than what I have put in it. Or I can sell a part of it. But the question is what to sell? I can also convert the entire investment into Bitcoin. Or, I can sell my whole portfolio and invest money, for example, into masternodes which have my full attention now. I have not decided yet. What would you do?

The portfolio: https://www.cryptocompare.com/portfolio-public/?id=95918
Česky: https://btctip.cz/uspeje-portfolio-z-top-100-kryptomen-vyhodnoceni-pokusu/

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One year is not really a long term horizon. Relatively speaking, it's considered a short-term investment when it's in that range. So I don't think we will know for sure. Maybe 3-5 years is a better parameter.


Yeah, I agree. But in 3-5 years 90% of coins may simply not be here and they may die during such a long time. But thank you for your opinion. It is worth to consider it although in 3 years the Top 100 cryptos will be probably composed of totally different coins.

Only Dogecoin will survive

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Agreeeed :DD


im afraid dogecoin cant tank more after seeing this couple weeks market bear run.

Take a look at C20, it's a crypto index fund, you win if cryptos win. Also take some profit out on the next bull run, pay off debts etc, out of crypto and into the real world. So when the market tanks again, you have some realized gains, to buy back in or spend on lobsters.


Thank you very much for your reply. I rather have my coins under my control. I do not want to centralize decentralized. ;)


Cool good point, i find it hard to know what's going to have gains long term, respect goes to anyone that can do this.

I think BTC is the place to stick the most amount of cash, with 30% max into alts, with some of the alt % going into c20.


Yeah, BTC is probably the best coin over here, although it has much lower potential, but on the other hand, it is much less risky and stable. The investment composed with a high percentage in Bitcoin is very consistent, especially for greenhorns. But also for experts, they also make mistakes very often (and mistakes of experts probably cost more). It is often said that if some experts would rather hodl BTC and not trade other shitcoins, or also the Bitcoin itself, they would be much better off. But also we can't exaggerate that. Hodling for too long may eventually not end up well as well. :)

do you have any idea about steem future??? will it be bright or dark?


That is a very interesting question. Steemit is the only fully functioning social site with a reasonable amount of users and running on blockchain, of course. That makes it unique. There are many flaws to consider when talking about the future of this platform, but that is so wide topic that it would probably deserve a separate topic. Steem is constantly being misused by bots (solution is still not here... from our point of view, it seems to be unsolvable... we have just steamcleaners who take care of those who are spamming shitty articles, or plagiarist ones and get paid by bots for that), the power is accumulated in the hands of 30 people (we delegate the power to them, but still... it is in hands of just 30 people) so it is quite "centralized" if we can call it that way. Then we could consider the unstable SBD. Maybe if I think more about it, I could write a whole article on this topic. But for Steemers, it would be nothing new. Thank you for it :)


thanks for you nice explanination


I am also curious, while its planned to start Steemit 2.0 on EOS, could it be the competitor or not exactly?


@ritxi thanks for reply my friend. But I don't know about steemit 2? and waht is EOS also ?
I am very new in steemit . If you clarify my two question I will be grateful to you my friend.

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I would wait with selling the portfolio till the bull run. Even the bad ones could move a bit up!


That is a pure truth. But I personally do not believe in Bitconnect too much now :DD

I have a query, what is SMT and how it will be affet on steem market?


Well, I have heard about that multiple times. But actually, I don't know much about that and I never came in touch with that. So sorry, I have no idea. :/ It will be better if you search it here and find an article on SMT.

Move to bitcoin and sell the next bull run. I'd consider selling if we hit a new ATH.

Well yes btc is a good coin though! Actually btc is doing great check this one of the good news spreading aboout btc



Thank you very much for it ;)