How much can you make investing in crypto? Try it!

in investing •  last year

I wrote a script to determine how much money someone would make, if they invested 5K for 12 months, and made gains of 60 percent, each month, for 12 months.

If you can buy the dips, and sell the gains, and come ahead 60 percent, for 12 months straight...

The script I wrote addressed the following scenario...

How much would that be worth at the end of 1 year, or after the 12th month.

Here's the month to month results...

end of month 1, value is: 8000
end of month 2, value is: 12800
end of month 3, value is: 20480
end of month 4, value is: 32768
end of month 5, value is: 52428.8
end of month 6, value is: 83886.08
end of month 7, value is: 134217.728
end of month 8, value is: 214748.3648
end of month 9, value is: 343597.38368
end of month 10, value is: 549755.813888
end of month 11, value is: 879609.3022208
end of month 12, value is: 1407374.8835533

That's 1.4 million!

Not sure if it can be done?

Why don't you try it?

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