Riding the Scam: Update (not scammed yet) - WARNING: BITLAKE AND Microhash ALREADY DOWN!

in investing •  2 years ago

So the ogre is still riding the scam.
I invested some bucks in:

  • Microhash
  • Laser.online
  • Bitlake (NEW)

And to my great surprise, they are still PAYING.

Some guys are getting ridiculous amounts out of these sites, e.g.:


Microhash Update: Microhash seems to be down since 20/8/17

This is imo defenitely a scamsite (10% per day) which can shut down every minute. Nevertheless it is still cranking after 25 days online - which means that I am in profit since a few days. Thats awesome! How long will be online? No one knows (except for Microhash). But I guess it will be there for some more days/weeks, since they have won a lot of investors (supposedly 87,642). There is also another hint which could point out, when this site could go down: Actually they have a quarter of the "Mining-Power" in use. I guess they will disappear when they reach the limit (which can be nevetheless every minute, esp when they "decide" that they have reached the limit). But I think that there is a decent chance that they could be up another month. BUT YOU NEVER KNOW.

Power in use 24.765 GH/s
Datacenter power 100.000 GH/s

Would I invest in Microhash now? Since I guess that they will be up for some time and it takes only 10 days to get your investment back, I will do a small reinvest. But again: I can not recommend the site for serious/long term investments.

See my review here: https://steemit.com/scam/@orangeogre/playing-with-the-scam-microhash-testing

Referral link: https://www.microhash.net/?ref=30184


This site promises 12 % per work day (5 days a week), which is imo not bearable over a long time, in other words: most probably a scam. Nevertheless this site is still paying (I´m in since August 8) and I am nearing the profitzone and also will get my investment back soon. Like Microhash I guess that this site is online for some time, but bear in mind that Laser.Online is up since 49 days, so chances are higher that this site will disappear sooner than e.g. Microhash or Bitlake. Altough: They gained a lot of investors, they never missed a payout and they put a lot of effort in this site - actually it is my favorite scamride (they have a radio with 80ies synthies music which is just awesome - at least I have some fun listening to their music...).

See my review here: https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@orangeogre/riding-the-scam-again-laser-online

Would I invest in this site now? Yes, but again only small amounts.

Referral link: https://laser.online/?referrer=wurstmann17

Bitlake Update 18/8/2017: BITLAKE SEEMS TO BE DOWN ALREADY - CHECKING IF I CAN WITHDRAW - DO NOT INVEST ANYMORE!!!' ALSO AMBIS SEEMS TO BE DOWN (no withdrawal beyond 200 BTC - thats a complete scam... which you should not ride anymore



So far the scamride is working (BESIDES BITLAKE) - and it is also a good fun. Since BTC is on the rise, such sites can sustain longer. But it is still a very high risk, altough better than going to the Casino ;).

Update: Really beware: As I heard trady.io just went down - a complete scam (lifetime: 60 days).

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