Riding the Scam again: Laser.online

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After getting into Microhash, a Scam par excellence which nevertheless is still paying out (see my first review here: https://steemit.com/scam/@orangeogre/playing-with-the-scam-microhash-testing), I stumbled upon an even more "exciting" investment site which offers 12% interest a day. Not kidding: 12 %, which is 2 % more than Microhash is offering. So I decided to get on board with some 40 bucks I earned from Microhash (which is money I can easily afford to lose - Rule No 1).

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So what is Laser.online?

Lets put it this way: Their business-model is "refreshing". They are not trading bitcoins nor do they supposedly mine. They are a supposedly a high-tech engineering and laser-based contract manufacturing firm which designs the most advanced laser systems. Great! I love lasers. But why do they need litte money from random people - and why do they give 12% interest? I can not answer this question. This is obviously a big red flag.

Their investment offer: 12% daily for 12 business days.

At least their presentation is professional:

So I can not recommend this site if you want to invest in serious business and not in PONZI-schemes (but I can recommend visiting it, because it has such a great 80ies music!).

Why did I invest in this Site?

First of all, "scientific reasons"! No just kidding. My plan is to invest the said 40 bucks for 12 business days and get the said 12% daily and capital back (after 16 days) - and most importantly: NO REINVESTING. Since this is not a long time, I speculate that this plan will work and that this site will be up for some more time (they are online since 41 days). But you know: Nothing is certain, when you ride the Scam.

Will keep you posted!

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Also watch Bitcoin Doubler:

If you want to get a ride and gamble like me (VERY VERY RISKY!), you can use my referral link: https://laser.online/?referrer=wurstmann17

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Update: Laser.Online is still rocking. I can´t believe it. Its online since 124 days now and deposits are growing (63 million atm). Admins are updating and improving constantly. I heard rumors, they are planning an ICO. Incredible... Maybe I was wrong calling it a scam right away - my guess is, this site will stay online for some more time. But: It is still risky.

Good luck. Makes me want to make a HYIP called spinalbit.tap and have it pay 11% per day (for the obvious reasons).

At 41 days, I feel its too late for me to join as this site is ripe to pull the plug at any time unless the inflow of money is still high enough.


I would invest in your HYIP ;)

BTW: The Laser.Online is still online.

But you are right: Its getting riskier every day, nevertheless I think these sites will stick around for some time, since BTC is rising. But we will see...


Want to invest in a diversified HYIP fund? Use @arbokinvestments fund:-)

Well, how is it going for you and your $40.00 original bucks?


Well the site is still running strong, so I'm assuming they are quite pleased..

After 3 months since you posted this article the platform is still online.
Laser.Online is still suitable. Read here how to make profit with low risk...


And now Laser is gone....tsk tsk tsk

Laser is in trouble. They haven’t been paying withdrawals since Thursday 11/9/17. I know this personally. They tried to blame blockchain, but deposits went through fine. Money in, no problems. Money out, problems. Something stinks. Also, they are trying to have an ico in 12-14 days. If anyone posts negative news, your account will be forfeited. I’m sorry I got caught in this trap.


Your account isn't necessarily "forfeit" but they will certainly kick you out of the Telegram group, which his tantamount to cutting you off from the bitchfest that is that trollbox.

It is certainly a trap though, miss spellings and all....

Let's hope it pans out long enough for you to get your cash out. And f the telegram admins that banned you.

Hey, yes Laser was a scam and do you know what= CRAZY but true I just found the succeeding site of Laser. Yes they do it again. I lost with Laser, but now I think there is a chance for all guys who also lost with laser, to get back the money, because the new page is online since just 5 days. The chance to be one of the first to get the money back from this scam is really high, or what do you think? In theory if the new site will also be online for 3 month, now at day 5 it should be possible to get a good profit out, before they close there page again. https://primarico.com/?ref=8755593521

Update: LOP is finally gone!