My Top 5 Favorite Investing Channels (And One I Stopped Watching)

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Who I Enjoy Watching For Financial Knowledge

There is certainly a lot of content out there to consume. We will each have our own favorite people to listen to, but today I want to share the top 5 financial channels I have been watching recently.

These are the videos you will find me playing on my other monitor or minimized while I am working on something else (or playing a game to relax).

Number 5: Michael Jay

Here is the newest channel I have come across, Michael Jay.

I like his channel because he is looking for value stocks in his pursuit towards financial freedom. He is mild mannered and seems genuine enough.

Since he has just started about a month ago, he only has about 15 videos so far. I look forward to hearing more of his value stock finds.

Number 4: Ryan Scribner

Ryan has sure blown up over this past year. Now his channel has over 221,000 subscribers. While his success has gone to his head, he mostly keeps it under control.

He covers everything from stock picks to life and success lessons. You might not be interested in every video subject, but a great channel to have on your watchlist.

Number 3: Phil Town's Rule 1 Investing

I like to watch Phil's videos as he has decades of investment knowledge to share. So think of it as going to ask your grandfather for advice.

Phil hates modern portfolio theory and loves waiting for the proper time to invest. He isn't afraid to be sitting in nearly all cash while he waits for the time to strike.

Number 2: PPCIAN

Do you like dividends? Well, PPCIAN is the channel for you.

He has been investing in dividend growth companies for 20 years now and he shares the lessons he learned about investing.

He often goes into deep detailed videos about specific stocks. Laying out the positives and negatives is most welcome.

If he isn't doing deep digs into specific companies, he will often talk about general thoughts and concerns about the market and financial freedom.

Number 1: Minority Mindset

Jaspreet makes short high-energy videos about entrepreneurship and the mindset of wealth.

He just graduated from law school so I expect he will have even more time to expand his business and create more content for us.

I highly recommend his videos.

The Financial Channel I Stopped Watching: Financial Education

About two years ago I found Jeremy's channel and would watch his daily video without fail. Now I watch none of his stuff.

The reason? He's gotten too cocky.

His success on Youtube has surely gotten to his head and his videos have that "I'm better/smarter than you" feel to them.

Maybe if you weren't there at the start of his channel you might not notice, but I can tell. Or maybe you can. Jeremy started his channel months before Ryan Scribner and now Ryan has 56,000 more subscribers.

There You Have It

Five channels I am watching now and one I no longer like.

Have you watched any videos from these channels before? Do you have some channels I should check out?

Let me know in a comment below.

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@getonthetrain I have not watched any of these channels but now I will be sure to check them out and see what pearls of wisdom may be out there................


Ya never know what you might find...

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Hi - I haven't heard of any of these as I've mainly been focusing on frugality, but I'll check them out, cheers!



You might want to check out rollandthomas's comment on this thread for frugality channels.

i will always support you man!!!.........


Sweet, thanks :D

Haven't watched any of these channels but i know what you mean about the "I'm better/smarter than you" feel.

Just finished reading Nassim Taleb's new book and although there are many things i agree with him on, that better/smarter than you feel does make it hard to read.


Yeah... it's a turn-off

Great .. well done
You know there are a lot of great ideas
But we need the real will to change in the presence of greed and corruption‏..

are any of the channels above any good for commodities?


No, not these channels.

I was expecting crypto channels suggestions, as I am not into stocks.


It is always smart to have money in multiple baskets


I dont see a good channel where I can see what exchange (online) should I use to buy stock like we have for crypto statistics. Can you help me know where are you trading stock and what has been your experience on that platform i.e. customer support etc.

Thanks for sharing I'm on youtube alot looking for financial content, but never heard of those channels...I will have to check them out.

Some of my channels include:

Rande Howell - trading psychology
Chat With Traders
The Financial Diet
The Krazy Coupon Lady
CashVilleKidz (for my kids)


Thanks for these channels

Nice post. I’ll check some of these out. Some good crypto channels are,
-Trade Devil:
-Carter Thomas (Coin Mastery):


Thanks for the recommendations!

Just discovered Jaspreet :D I want him on Dtube Dlive :D :D :D


Haha, he's the man! :D

I already knew us schools were bad but I'll have to be even more vilagant seeing that only 5 states have mandatory economic courses.(not the state I reside in.)

I'm getting a % raise at my, I'm taking an extra 3% off the table(forever not one time) to put into stocks and kids future education. If you can do even take 50% of small raises and choose to put it in an index fund you won't feel the loss of that percentage but it'll grow to a significant sum of money if you don't touch it. 1% raise of $65,000 is 650. If you saved that $650 from 22 to 67 in an index fund you'll have this Screenshot_20180612-072207.png


Most important thing here that everyone here is ignoring the power of books to change your income. Minority Mindset says of those making $40,000 or less 15% read two books or more a month, but those that make $160k+ 85% read two or more books a month.


Great points here about reading. Knowledge and seeing things from different points of view is so powerful.

Also powerful is compound interest, as that 11% rate shows how far just $650 per year goes.


And audiobooks are your friend. :)