I Bought 6,000 Steem!!!

in #investlast year

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So I just sold my grandparent's coconut farm! I think it was @abh12345 idea! Lol

Kidding! No, I didn't sell the coconut farm... yet. 😂

So, I decided to go all in with Steem again... just like before. I remember when I first bought my first 1,000 Steem, it was around 8cents USD and just after a month or two it hit a dollar!

I also transferred some money from my remaining stock exchange account and literally have zero balance on my local bank account. Oh actually not zero but I have 59 pesos, a little over a dollar, haha! Better than a zero, right?

After day trading for months, I was able to earn some bitcoins and I decided to buy more Steem. Day trading is quite stressful, specially if you're not patient enough and you have to be willing to cut losses. I still have a little bit of coin to trade but I won't be doing it as much as I would (maybe) because I don't like sitting on computer chair and just stare at my desktop while waiting for the orders to fill as takes up a lot of my time to write blogs.

No, I can't multitask! Watching the market while writing a food blog? 😂 I have ADHD, so I have to do things one at a time, unless it doesn't require too much attention.

I believe Steem will do good this year!

Powered Up 6000 Steem!!!

I know it's still at it's low peak from last year, but I believe we had reached the dip?

While SBD already reached a DOLLAR, Steem is currently at 50+ cents which is almost 50% up in the last 30 days! 😀

I can't wait for Steem to go to the moon!!!

Xoxo, Gilaine


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Can you give me some....

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Heck, I was feeling all happy with 4,000. Now I have to go transfer some funds to get over 6,000. Thanks for putting the pressue on Pure. Oh well, we Steemians gotta stick together.

Yikes, I could only afford 350 SBD (like 700 Steem), but I also transferred it to my account a couple hours ago. Is everyone buying again because it's rising in price? I think it may go down for a bit of time again, but let's hope it goes past $1 again! Also, you guys are making me feel poor. :3

Don't feel bad Sharon. I am old. That means you are way ahead.

Noooo, the Coconut farm!!!

Phew, I'm glad it wasn't sold (by the way do you need some employees? 😁) and I'm also glad that you powered up a huge 6000 STEEM!

I've been desperate to buy some this past month but well, you know the rest.

Good luck to you and us all!

You need to make an agreement with her @abh12345 .. a house in a coconut's farm is so nice 😉 you can have the sun shower on your house everyday 😂😂😂

I bet!

I wonder if you get paid in shelter and coconuts, that would work for me :D

Better than getting paid in peanuts in the UK......

Marrying the landlord @abh12345.. you'll get everything for free 😂😂😂😂😂 and you could hired others to climb the coconut's .. and sell it online after you proceed it into a coconut powder and sell it through the homestead coop too


I am looking for a rich wife - can you match-make for me? :D :D

Waiiiitt... I know someone 😊 but She's a landlord of a building, will check on her land in an island before I match you to her😂😂😂😂

Really great pickup. Ive been stacking steem since 0.21 and ive added a few extra thousand in that time too.

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So much development on and around the Steem blockchain, future looks bright!

True! I was just seeing that there are a lot of promises. The pumps are definitely not unjustified. :)

Dang girl! Making power moves! Coconut farm here means todi or tuoc dunno what you guys call fermented coconut? It's become difficult to find the good stuff here though.. OK boss I'll let u get back to making your power moves 🤑

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Watch out for coconut inflation! 😂

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This coco game is loco+no joke yo !

We got the hook just need an 808 beat n dropping some bars on a banger 😂 boom bap

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Haha! You're so fuy! 😂

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Awesome, I really like this platform and am looking to grow the user base through my community, @cryptolookout.

We need more amazing content creators like yourself!

Check out what I just posted about communication https://steemit.com/marketing/@bradypugliese/communication-is-key

Probably the best investment. You're a smart girl.

Oh snap, you put your money where your mouth is! I better step up my game also 🤣

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She's going to leave us all behind!

I know huh 😅

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A good investment.,Keep it up.

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Definitely a good investment. :) I see a bright future for Steem.

I saw your acct zoom earlier today and I was gonna say something about your hike in STEEM haha but this explains it. Nice buy-in if you ask me. Day trading sounds extremely difficult, especially if you’re not using Elliot wave or some kind of software to help you

I guess this makes you a dolphin now 🐬 keep on swimming, the deep ocean blue is vast !!!

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How did you see the "acct zoom"? Were you checking her account specifically or watching some stats somewhere?

Haha I just so happened to check purepinay’s acct the day she bought the 6,000 STEEM. I noticed this was a huge uptick in her acct total since I’ve been following Gilaine for some time now

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wow! great idea!

Dolphins Have more Fun..........

That’s a great buy :)

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Are you blowing dust in my face ?!!! and thanks to you, the price of Buko salad has gone through the roof....Bad PP, bad ;-)

Hahaha! Sorry I had to do it! 😁 I'll buy you some buko next time 😆

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My goodness, congratulations dear, this is amazing really, you're literarily not rich now, but you're wealthy in steem wow

Thank you 😉

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Steem is not doing to bad at the moment, my son has ADHD so I know exactly what you mean. Cheers mike

Investing with our Blockchain is like we’re investing in ourselves

We’re all going to the same moon with STEEM

This is funny, we believe in crypto holding and tropical agriculture holdings as our two top asset categories currently. We are very interested in sustainable agroforestry - we work in Colombia right now. Have you ever considered what you could grow under the coconuts? Which blog of yours can I read to learn more?

Dios le bendiga.

I like your picture a lot. Thank you very much for following me. Have a nice day.

Wow, how I wish I do have some money to spare.

Nice work on the 6000 power up👌I'm ready for steem to MOON as well!!

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Go you. Powering up 6k Steem is epic. I’d love to be able to do that. :)

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I thought it was real! Hahahha...

Your 50 teardrops token has been sent (from @teardrops). You can hold them to stake them as teardrops power in the near future, when the feature is add to 3 steem-based interfaces, name https://steemgigs.org, https://ulogs.org and macrohard etc

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Join the discord here as well to hangout with more than 5400 steemians.

What a smart move.

what do you think Will be the price in 10 month?

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Hiii my lovely friend @purepinay, nice to know about your this deal. My best wishes for you and hope that Steem go to moon as soon.

You are too enthusiastic about steemit, and for 6000 steem it certainly has a high value.

one more, you look very beautiful, makes me interested in seeing your beautiful face

Congrats! I've also been buying small batches of STEEM and powering up since right before the price rise.

I even told somebody "you watch, as soon as I start buying, the price will go up" lol! Good to see us moving on up though!

You take a wise decision because steem is on the convergence point.

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Congraaaaaaats ! :) ♥♩♬

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Thank you 😉💃

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WOW I thought you wouldn't be kidding and was somehow sad for your grandma... Glad you didnt sell. But a powerup is good :-)

Congratz 🍾

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That is indeed a good news and come to think of it you sure are the FUTURE Millionaire of STEEM ;)

Congratulations maybe you can teach me some trading skilss🙌

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Congratulations maybe you can teach me some trading skils✌

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Cool... I hope this time it not just go 1$ for you ... I hope now you get feel 10$ :)))

Wow 😍😍😍

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Hi gilaine, congrats 6000 is great! I just reach my new goal ! Like old times 😉👍

Wow that is really amazing even i want that much steem power but unfortunately can't buy due to lack of money...so i am regularly posting content so that i can earn some for free.

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That's good 👍

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That's a very big investment thought and actualization @purepinay. Keep it up. I know steem will not just go to moon, it will go far into Mars. We are optimistic! Perhaps, I will take investment lectures from you. I remain my humble self @comclick