Getting Inspired to Take Action Instead of Just Fantasizing

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We’ve all probably had a great idea, but most have inhibitions that cause them to remain in their heads. The idea that you can change the world with a new product or method seems far-fetched, and the financial barriers only cement your pessimism.

On the contrary, thanks to the internet and various startup invention organizations, regular people have had success with their great ideas that would have normally been left in the void. Having said that, it’s always up to you to take action.

Put Your Ideas Onto Paper

Even if you’re a genius with a photographic memory, the brain isn’t the most reliable at keeping track of the little details you may need later. Having documentation on your progress, or simply whimsical ideas, is a good way to assure that you can recall something later when it matters. Otherwise, your ideas may just be stuck in your head for a few days and be washed away with the various distractions of daily life.

You don’t have to be an expert writer to take notes, just make your ideas concise so you can later recall them for when your idea has fully come into fruition. The stage in which you need to worry about writing quality is when you are submitting proposals to request assistance or funding rather than documenting progress.

Expand Your Skillset

Whether you want to take your invention a step further or simply want to better yourself as a person, you should be open to admitting that you don’t know everything. This is why you should always have your nose in books trying to expand upon skills relevant to your industry.

Because we live in an age with remote classes and free reading material available 24/7, there is no excuse not to keep reading and improving yourself. There are also resources available for current students to get their invention ideas off the ground with limited resources.

Be Open to Collaboration

Even if you desire to be a lone wolf with your invention, most great projects succeed due to the collaboration instead of just a man with a plan. This is why you should outreach to companies, organizations or other people with similar goals in mind. This is probably the main way you’re going to get funding if you don’t have money o get your project off the ground.

Trying to the network shouldn’t stop with Linkedin, social media and emails. You should also attend relevant workshops & conventions to leave an impression on people involved with the same industry you are heavily invested in. Besides, an email or text message doesn’t have much of an emotional response than an in-person introduction and handshake.

So, fellow Steemit inventors. Where are you at with your projects? Feel free to share your stories down below :).


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