Introvert in an Extrovert World - The Struggle is Real.

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Introvert/extrovert - in a nutshell, it is all about dopamine.

"In the 1960s, psychologist Hans Eysenck made the influential proposal that extroverts were defined by having a chronically lower level of arousal..
..Hence the need for company, seeking out novel experiences and risks. Conversely, highly introverted individuals find themselves overstimulated by things others might find merely pleasantly exciting or engaging. Hence, they seek out quiet conversations about important topics, solitary pursuits and predictable environments." -

Although a lover of motorcycles and adventure, (a pursuit that most may associate with a more extroverted character), my destinations are to be in the quiet beauty of nature.

I am forever grateful that in recent years there has been more research and (moreso) more understanding of the differences from the general public.

Growing up I always knew i was different in some way, that I didn’t respond to things in the same way as others around me. Becoming aware that i am INTJ female (the rarest personality type, making up 0.8% of the population), helped me to understand myself and accept that it is ok to be the way that i am. The joy of finding other INTJ women too, particularly in forum groups, and watching vlogs etc, and having a smile go across my face as wide as a Cheshire cat, when what they were speaking of resonated so much with me.

Over the years I have had my differences dismissed:
-"You are out having fun, so you can’t be an introvert"
-"But you aren’t shy! You are not introverted!"
-"Oh everyone needs quiet time, introvert/extrovert doesn’t mean anything, it’s all nonsense"
..and so on.

Frustrating to be in a world in which the majority are extroverted. To try to stand your ground when all around you has a louder voice.

I struggle all the time with overstimulation. Unable to differentiate sounds well, because everything around me takes as much importance in my brain. Do not try to talk to me in loud environments!

Yeh, this post is all about but it is also about all the other struggling introverts, who, like me, grew up being totally misunderstood and being taught by schools and adults, curriculums and agendas, which were set up for extroverted personalities.

..we are pretty cool, you know, in our quiet ways.
You just have to stop and listen ;)

#introvert #intj #motorbike #motorcycle #mbti

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I am an introvert too, but introvert cat.

I can feel you

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The song of us introverted people 💝
But on Steemit we should be more extroverted 😋

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I had to look up intj. New to me!

Nice that you looked it up! :D

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I'm an endlessly curious creature!

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