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Hello everyone, I am Ajide oluwatobi from Nigeria, people call me mctobz . Black and handsome, inquisitive and hardworking, I also love to share information. I'm new to the world of steemit. I was introduced to it by a Ghanaian colleague @anaman. His posts are nice. More blessings to him tho.

I'm a Christian who believes in God's word and never doubt him. I also love traveling, going to the cinemas. I would love to visit Ghana one day too. They are wonderful people.

As we all know, to be informed is to be transformed and to be uniformed is to be deformed. I would like every one to please patronize my blog as I'll do the same thing to all. Additionally, I love my new Ghanaian friends, they are the best. I'm also funny too. Thanks🙏🙏🙏. I do hope to get familiar with this new found love little by little.


Did you ever kbow you are really blessed to be here...its the best family l have ever found...think of the nicest people in life...very soon you are going feel the good crazy breeze of steemit .but till then get yourself good things to share and announce the joy to fellow ghanaians out there to help make #teamghana better and bigger...hope to see you at the meet up scheduled to take up this very Xmas.... @ackza @adept @tytran are all happy having you added to the world's happiest platform,so to are welcome bro...l am a living witnes incase you doubt....hook up with @tj4real @anaman @richforever @kwakumax and @mcsamm on teamghana whatsapp platform should you find any challenge...join newbies like @jeeandmee @andrekweku who just found their rhythm...steem on!!!!!

Welcome to steemit. Never get discouraged by your initial experiences. With time you would learn and grow

I'm inspired 🙏🙏

"As we all know, to be informed is to be transformed and to be uniformed is to be deformed." I had never heard this phrase before. I like it. Welcome to steemit. @anaman is good people. I hope to see you around.

Hi @oluwatobi1
I don arrive gidigbamly to seal the deal, with my tiny upvote. @anaman don ascertain you to get the koko. (Yes, you have been seen and acknowledge by a human, to possess attributes of talent!)

Shey e matter, if periwinkle butt na your thing or whether you drink 'garri and garri' as in, 'soaked garri' and 'dry garri' as support (when there is no kuli kuli). Shey e matter?

Or whether you like your nkwobi in an actual giant-size mortar or you like ogunfe without ewedu. Shey e matter?

Shey e matter if you like to mix your alomo with gulder & shekpe? (Don't get drunk)

#untalented family, there is no longer need to stress. Wetin matter be say:

'Jehovah made you in his image' and these words have weight and occupy space: 'heavy matter'.
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Welcome my friend to steemit. You are really going to enjoy this platform

Thank you brother. With people like you here, I'm not moved.

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welcome black and handsome brother. its good you love God. we will surely patronize your blog.