Welcome @karaelizabeth! Nice to see family members interacting on Steemit! Speaking of family, if you're single, I'd love to set you up with a friend of mine...he's got a name like a vegetable (cauliflower, carrot, or kale or something?) but he's a pretty good dude and likes the ocean as well. But beware of his parents, I hear they're insane!

Oh my gosh, that is frickin' awesome!!! You totally made me do a triple take and look at your profile and figure out who the heck was writing!!!! That's the best digital "sneak up on me" I've ever experienced.

Good thing I snatched up that guy a really long time ago. He's definitely an awesome dude. And you're right; his parents are crazy (like me!), and I LOVE it! Haha!

So cool to see you here! I had no idea that you were on Steemit. What a cool small world. Here are people from literally all over the world, and then along comes a dear old friend. Gotta love that. OK, now I'm more in love with Steemit than ever. (of course after the awesome ocean dude, and our little ocean grunions!) Haha!

I'm so glad you stealthily commented. I'm still laughing!!!

Wait, so you actually know someone on Steemit besides your brother? Hahah. Nice. :)

I'm now inspired to try to get my sister here! I estimate successful completion of mission in 2-4 standard earth years...

You totally should! This would be a great place for her to share quotes and ideas.
Haha! 2-4 years is better than nothing, right?!

Okay, so still no luck with my sister, but have convinced my wife to give it a shot! Any tips for her? (as you're MUCH better at this than I am!) :) And I'll keep working on Jen!

Very fun! I'm so glad that she's going to give it a try. Well, I'm a newbie myself, but I think sharing upbeat, interesting things about the unique parts of your life, along with great photos is the way to go. And then having a genuine interest in other people and their stories and making real connections.
I'm learning that consistency is probably the single most important thing related to success in anything that I undertake (business, exercise, friendships, you name it). So that's my take, for whatever it's worth! Let me know when she starts!

Hey! Just seeing this now! (Still don't quite know what I'm doing!) Thanks for the good advice, I'll take some of that onboard myself and I'll let her know...she just started today, she's @suitcasemama, we'll see how it goes! Now to convince Jen! :)

We should try to get Van on here. I think he'd be such a kick to have involved, and I think he'd have a lot to offer. Wouldn't that be wild?

I’d certainly enjoy reading his stuff. :)

I know, right, Luke?! How cool is that. And not just someone. Someone I've known for 20+ years and have shared many a story with. So fun.

Ha! I couldn't resist, it was just so random! I just joined a couple of weeks ago, still trying to figure it all out. I'm in Kathmandu for work, looking around Steemit, sorted for introduceyourself and there you were! I couldn't believe it! Hope all is well, warm greetings from chilly Nepal!!!

What a crazy "coincidence"! That is actually kind of trippy, what are the odds of that. Very cool.

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