Hello, I Am Xavior. I Might Be From The Future.

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Greeting, my name is Xavior.  

I have had, for many years, compelling reasons to believe that I am from the future. Childhood dreams and an uncanny awareness of major events before they take place, are among the types of reasons I refer to. 


"These dreams are not fiction for I rest in the future, nor are they shots in the dark as I sleepwalk in night vision"  -Xavior


Today, 8/8/16 marks a new chapter in my life. I am here now on this platform with you to live each present moment to the fullest. To share my attempts as well as my achievements. I am here with you to reveal my hopes as well as my fears, my questions and observations, my dreams  as well as my nightmares. Here, I will exercise my freedom to share the reasons why I believe that I am from the future. Here, I will find  the space to feel normal, as I am having great conversations with you that help me become so wonderfully lost in the space of the moment, that the weight of the future loses  gravity. I want to know why you are here and why you are HERE. Do you have a reason to believe that you are from the future? Tell me about it.  I look forward to getting to know you. Thank you for being here. 

I have reason to believe that we are not alone. 

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Your images are not showing up. Please upload them first onto a hosting site. You can follow the directions in this guide wich also shows you the markdown format (scroll down about halfway until you see "Creating Your First Post..") If you edit your post, you can still get those images into it.



Thank you for the heads up. I fixed it. Turns out Steemit doesn't support pictures from the future yet. I used some regular ones instead.

I am happy you are here now. And I greatly appreciate your presence. I imagine a man with a vision for the future will have some valuable knowledge to share, to prepare us, so I look forward to knowing more of what you see.

Yes, I feel I am from the future as well, I have been given Earth Light Awarenesses to share with others, wisdoms from the past, and goals of assistance into the Divine plan of Planetary ascension! Glad to meet you brOther