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So this is my first post ever on steemit or pretty much anywhere so don’t be too hard on me. I’ve decided to start posting about my new lifestyle change and it’s wonderful. I just need to get this Story out there with the opioid crisis in full swing. K. Here goes. My job these days is a two edged sword. I’m a recovery coach but I’m also an addict that has to be around people who use heroin every day. I’ve made it 4 years 3 months and 10 days in recovery for heroin without a relapse. I can say I will never shoot up again. Feels great to say that. Yes, thank you. No need to clap. Let’s just say statistically, the odds were not with me to make it to 4+ years. Don’t quote me on it but probably 95% relapse. That’s astronomical to most people so I consider it one of my greatest accomplishments.
Last year I got a huge push from the Holy Spirit to start helping people. It was an urge that came from so deep in my heart. I have been praying for God to show me how to live my life for him and I’ve been following the Holy Spirit. GOD (YAHUAH, the god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob)used my family’s generational curse of addiction to pull me out and use me to help others. I know it for a fact Yo. I believe a hundred percent that I was supernaturally led to become a recovery coach. After all the dust is now settled, I still can’t believe this is how it went down. I’m helping addicts right now who were just like me at one point. Believe me you want to hear how...

To begin the story I need to show you the before and after pictures of an addict. Me! This is me now and those were my sweatpants in the pic below👇🏻 7550C401-72C3-44A6-A6FA-6E60E558507E.jpeg

I love myself and GOD way more now than I did then. Can you tell?


I know it’s night and day. That I hardly look like myself. People who I haven’t seen in years hardly recognize me. This is not a coincidence. I don’t believe in those. I have been intermittent fasting and eating a paleo diet for 3 years and I lost 120 lbs! I am a completely different person now. A man of God. I love and pray for everyone now and I love you! (in case u were wondering.) I know the feeling of “rock bottom” and the feeling of being pulled out of the fire. I have three wonderful daughters that I am continuing to want to live for. They are 16,14 & 11. Beautiful Girls. They have stood with me through it all.
So here’s how I was supernaturally led by the Holy Spirit to help people and become a recovery coach.
My youngest daughter’s mom and I were talking one day and I mentioned I would like to start helping people with their recoveries. I didn’t know about recovery coaching at that time so I thought I had to become an AODA counselor. As I was talking to her on the phone I walked up to my mailbox and saw and MPTC newsletter there in the box with the area counseling program in it I thought that was a sign for sure so I decided I was going to sign up for school. Mind you becoming an AODA Counselor takes three years of school and thousand hours of experience just to be certified to try to get a job most likely at a govt Heath and human services facility I was like well if that’s what I gotta go do to help people then I’m signing up. So I’m on the phone with MPTC ready to give them my payments and my Holy Spirit in my soul was screaming “NO!” Don’t do it. And I was like “what?!” I just went through all this to get here and now I’m not supposed to help people? Then it came through clearer. “There’s an easier way!” So I said I’d have to call back later and I hung up with MPTC. The next day I met with someone in my support group and told her my story what happened and she said to become a recovery coach! There’s no red tape, it’s peer to peer and you’ll love it. I said “yes!” Perfect. So I went home that Night and looked online and found a certification for recovery coaching four hours north of me taking place the next month and there was only a few days to get my application in. I got my application in and talked to the leader of the group that was running it and she thought it would be a great idea for me to come up there and take the class. My first day in the class, the lady who ran the whole system of coaches for the state of Wisconsin told me she had a job for me in the city that I’m from when I get back from the certification. That’s why they accepted me. That is so huge. I never thought I would get a paying gig. I wasn’t really planning to be paid so it was super cool to hear that from her, but I didn’t necessarily know for sure. So during the certification I made a family out of the recovery coaches from the class. Then when I got back I was able to talk with the organization that is from my city and get a job as a recovery coach there Immediately after my certification!! I couldn’t believe it! So as you can see this is getting pretty supernatural, I asked God to help me be able to help people in their recovery’s and two months later I am a recovery coach working in a hospital ER helping people after they ask for help or have an OD. All I did was follow the Holy Spirit and gave me the ability to help people in just a few months. I am going to start posting about this new change in my life that I absolutely love and I want to be able to give other addicts some light at the end of the tunnel. The reason I was able to keep my recovery together was that I was able to see someone at the beginning of my recovery that had been in recovery for 10 years and she showed me that it was possible so I want to be here for someone else to show them that it’s also possible. See you on the next post!

I love each and every one of you!
May GOD bless you in everything you do

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I wish they had a Love button here :-) thank you for what you are undertaking. My son is a recovering opiate addict, and he has been using suboxone for several years. So far he hasn't found the will to ease himself off of that, but I believe he will given time and balance in his life. I really feel for people who are addicted - it seems to be a trap people fall into because they self-medicate their stress or anxiety or sadness. Life in this day and time is very challenging, as this society is going through a collapse of one way and the birth of a new way. I hope you'll visit me, as I write encouraging thoughts for people - you're on the up road and in service, which is the absolute best place to be. Thanks again - Momz


Thank u @talk2momz! ♥️🤗

What an incredibly inspirational story, brother, and such a brilliant introduction. God's love with you on your journey has proven itself evident in the joy behind your smile. Looking forward to more. Shalom 🤗


There will be more! Thank you sister🙏🏻

As I read and re-read this post, your new addiction shines through! And what a beautiful new addiction it is... you, my friend, are addicted to love- the AGAPE sort. You have a joy now about you that draws me in. Your LOVE for our Heavenly Father is incredible - and it's now your focus. Thank you for sharing your story. It's people like you who CAN & DO change dynamics. Through GOD all things are possible, you are proof of that!


Thank you you wonderful being

What @cannolishoni said <3

Welcome to Steemit JJ. Congratulations on beating addiction , losing 120 lbs, and having 3 wonderful children.


Thanks Steve! 👊