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Hello everybody,

I was asked to wright a little story to introducé myself.
I recently invested a lot of money in the steemit platform because i am a real believer in the future potential and succes of it. I can really see this thing taking of.
I think there are a lot of great people involved in this project and that makes this a awesome and vibrant community. And i think the people and thus the community are the fundament for the future succes of it.
The platform is still in beta and it is expected that there are many hickups and lessons to be learnt on the way to mass adoption.
But thats the beautiful thing, that its still in beta. So i see it as a piece of art thats not finished yet. We as a commity can keep on tweeking the platform till we get the exact outcome that WE want...
I think the world really needs a platform where we can exchange information without censorship, and with a mechanisme where good content gets rewarded..
I really wanna wish everbody the best with your steemit endeavors...Lets make this a great succes with each other..

best regards

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Thanks for believing in Steemit! :) Even though I have only been on Steemit for less than a month, I too see the potential and what it has to offer. Steem on!


8 Months later steemit is still in beta ... but it works well :D


Welcome to steemit!!Here is a little something to get you started! I wish you all the best..


Steemazing! Nice :-)


LOL love this GIF :)


:-) yeaaa. So you´re upvoted :-)


Omgsh! You really didn't have to do that. Thank you so much. :) You are really too kind. You just made my day.


I love doing that. You are steemified!


How gangster


Thug life. :D


Hello, welcome, could you upvote and follow me? Thank you


I wish you all the best luck from sweden!


Yeah just joined 11 days ago.. The platform is great and did put some effort in it. Each day will be better and better. Plese see my blog about my family trip in year 2019 to the US. I hope I can fid here people who help me make my family dream trip come true.


Hi Hi! It's 28 days later, and I just wanted to say thanks for your support. I'm still on Steemit creating content. You're boost to my older post really inspired me to keep working hard and to provide meaningful content to others. Thought I would let you know, I gave you a little shout out to my latest post. ❤️❤️❤️


nice post,,, nice to meet you
please follow back... and often come in my blog


Dear @hendrikdegrote ;

I need any help to stop @grumpycat hurting innocent people.
We have to show that Steemit is bigger than any bully who is trying to impose his own rules by using his high SP on innocent people.
The post below is the summary of the situation :
Thank you for any help to stop the actions of @grumpycat.

Best Regards.



I need your help to give some rewards to myanmar steemians.


indeed let's Steem on!


Hello and thank you for that introduction! I am brand new to Steemit and looking at your account gives me something to shoot for. I am definitely following you.


@hendrikdegrote personal question: Was there any reason why you do not follow me anymore? I am new and I need to learn from my mistakes. Thanks

Hello @hendrikdegrote . I am very happy to know steemit platform. I joined it for about 4 months. And recently I have returned to steemit and worked more on steemit. I have replaced facebook with steemit, in steemit I know a lot of international friends. And even better I can earn money from my content. I also like you put faith in steemit.

nice to meet you.

I'm right there with you Hendrik, Steemit is going places, and it's changing peoples lives. We have huge plans for Steemit here in the Philippines with TeamPhilippines and believe that it can bring great change to the country and alleviate poverty and increase education in one fail swoop!

We just had our first event for teamphilippines on Saturday (posted pics if you want to see) and I can already tell this is going to be an amazing roller coaster ride and I'm all strapped in!

Amazing very brave to put up such high stake. Anyway you are an inspiration to me and following you though not much

Belated welcome and thanks for your recent upvote

Hey Hendrik, we'd love to see some more of your content mate :) It's not for everybody of course, but give it a go. Ya never know ;)

your investment into steem will change the worrld. You are like a steem legend or god. Will you be my mentor? lol

Really love your up vote taste! Cheers from Vienna!

At the moment your amazing investment seems starting to pay off
Steem is on the rise!! ;)

Uuhhh :-) My upvote is asured! :-)

Cheers! Photono

Welcome and great to see your Rep climbing! :-)


Welcome @hendrikdegrote, we all wholeheartedly thank you and applaud you on your tremendous support for Steemit! :)

Thanks @fabio for encouraging him to post :)


totally @hendrikdegrote welcome to steemit! If you ever feel lonely, come to http://steemspeak.com 24/7


Please vote for @fyrst-witness at https://steemit.com/~witnesses to help @fyrstikken promote #steemit to more investors like yourself and others. Thank you :)

just out of curiousity!!could you tell me how much you invested 9 months ago

welcome to the madness! you got in at a good time :)

You're absolutely gorgeous!
I followed you.

@hendrikdegrote I may dig up this post for 8 months ago but it was your only post and I HAD to say a big big thank you. It was the first time that I read your introduction post and considering what I just read I have to say that you indeed predicted the future!
Apart from that I just wanted to say that huge thank you to you, I really don't know what else to say, I am speechless, just speechless.
Thank you so much!

Hey man. I just wanted to say, that there are much better things that you could be doing with your stake. I'm POSITIVE of that. But oh well. I like to say shhhh,it happens. Right? Are you ever here at all? Are you fully satisfied with the results of your delegations? I wonder! Alx

Hello Hendrik,

to get a higher REP, high Rep holders have to vote you. I have now upvoted you too and your rep went from 44 to 46. It is just a matter of time.

Great to see your investment in Steemit !

I believe in the concept of this token based economy too, so I invested around 30BTC, unfortunately I did it when the price of Steem was at 4$...

I recommend you to join the Steemit Chat so we can connect with you and exchange ideas with you.!

Thanks fabio, Btw what can i do to increase my reputation?


@shenanigator has compiled a great Steemit FAQ with the support of the community :) It has a good overview on all the factors that go into raising one's reputation.

Excerpt from part 1:
How do I improve my reputation score? What hurts my score?

To put it simply, add value to the Steemit community to improve your score. But harm the community and your score will suffer.

Create and post quality original content. It’s all about quality, not quantity.
Engage in thoughtful discussions in the comments of blog posts.
Up-vote thoughtfully. Don’t upvote junk, only vote up quality content.
Build your following by posting quality content.
Avoid bad behavior; it can get you flagged.
Don’t harass other users or become disrespectful due to an online disagreement. This can lead to trolling habits which could get flagged.

Steemit FAQ
Part 1: https://steemit.com/steemit/@shenanigator/thanks-to-your-help-the-official-steemit-faq-is-now-complete
Part 2: https://steemit.com/steemit/@shenanigator/thanks-to-your-help-the-official-steemit-faq-is-now-complete-part-2


You are welcome! I think your question has been answered already, but I have another tip: for me to see that you have replied to me, you need to reply directly to the post you want to reply to for it to appear in https://steemit.com/@fabio/recent-replies

Hi @hendrikdegrote I've just seen that you are my top Upvoter earning me the most rewards. I just want to say thank you, I really appreciate it :)

@hendrikdegrote! You're Steeming brilliant! Hendrik the big? Thanks for being a believer!

It is very very good that are some motivated people like you, who believe in to "mechanisme where good content gets rewarded..."
I'm here as a photographer and I was also very optimistic in a very beginning. But in time I noticed that good photography is not rewarded as much as robotic tricks.
Any way, I also believe that with members like you, good things will be seen.
I can introduce myself only by my works:

Hello Friend @hendrikdegrote!
How do you feel about Steemit now?

Thanks for your support of buying steem when it is cheap and powering up which motivated me to write my recent post- I mentioned you there-feel free to check it out. More success to you.

You are doing really great things. I'm new here, but I can say that it is fantastic place, which connect people from all over the world, where people can find a lot of interesting and useful things, learn smth. get/give advise or just simply relax and have fun. Wish you all the best. Be Happy! Regards from Lithuania.
Thank You!

Feels nice starting on the ground level of something with everyone else. Sometimes it feels like you arrived too late to the party... This time I feel like I am just getting in with the people who waited all night for the doors to open. The doors haven't even opened yet....LET the wild rumpus begin.


You made a huge impact on my most recent post. Your wallet is Legendary. Seeing yours inspires me posting and investing. Looking forward to our future in crypto and projects like Steemit. The community up-votes and more specifically yours on my last post convinced at least 3 of my closest artist/creator friends to get on Steemit!


Very good post, I like you very much, I follow you

omg you dont publish, but are very strong :)
please check out my work, please!

Welcome! I wish you luck with your investment.

you did an excellent choice, good job mate


If u dont mind sir may i know how get your followship and upvotes
Kindly reply it ll be highly appreciated

Hello @hendrikdegrote, we are just trying to set crowdfunding on Steemit to get resources to save Abongphen Highland Forest. Please could you help us in our effort? Thank you for your upvotes and resteems. https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@kedjom-keku/do-it-for-forest-crowdfunding-who-are-we-actually-forest-friendly-family-each-11usd-10x10-m-forest-saved

I don't know where Steemit will go, I like the idea of Steemit and love the unknown. Salute to my fellow adventures! Steem-on!

You are right! Steemit is such a vibrant and diverse community.
I love that I can come here and share my passion with everyone on Steemit.
I am a month in, it has been amazing so far! ;)

When I see whale profile. I believe they made from zero investment. But this is the first time I know. you did invest and most people doing investing. interesting. that is the reason your profile rank TOP 14? . however, I want to concern something very important so everyone will not lose their investment. steemit everything good. But link audit is not good enough. must need to do it soon as possible. In my research what I see there are so many platforms trying to achieve multiple way. But after a long they are completely down. example company mylot.com . most probably they do not do research or investment.
if you are share holder. please let steemit inc to conern about it.

My aim not to collection vote. But Looking support. if anything I can do for steemit . I love steemit. I hope steemit will care.

Thanks for encouraging the music on Steemit. It's a vital part of the community, and the main reason I'm still here after two weeks..! And well, I've seen your upvotes on a lot of music posts, including my own, and so you rock!

Amen! You know gmail was in beta for several years as well before it went out of beta. See where it is now! I also beleive in this community and feel very well in place here.

If only I could have heard about this fantastic website earlier! It's such a beautiful concept, and even though I have only joined this community a week ago, I have completely fallen in love with it! Congratulations on spotting the potential early on! From now on, I will do everything I can to make this a beter place as well! :)

If you see this as a piece of art..... then wow.... THAT IS GOING TO BE ONE HUGE MURAL! :)

Welcome aboard the crazy train.

Look forward to more from you. Follow me if you want to make lots of money. ^^
What is about steemit that intrigues you the most?

and that is a significant investment. Happy to see a true believer.

I'm very new and am absolutely loving it so far! Thanks for sharing the love! It's so refreshing to see people who care about this project so much! I am glad I'm here now and am able to watch it grow!

Have a beautiful day!

thanks for the love, its hard down here sub 100 Steem Power :(

Hi Hendrik, welcome on board and keep on Steeming ! The Journey just started

We welcome you with our open arms.
Its so nice of you that you decided to join steemit community and want to share your thoughts with us.

good post

good post.

I'm inspired by you! I just started a few days ago.

You bring such a wonderful piece of article
Your thought process is very unique from the others.

I like reading your articles and love to upvote them.

Upvoted and followed
Nice to follow you

Hey man, I realize this is an old post but THANK YOU for the love man. Seriously, couldn't be more appreciative. Would love to contact you in some way shape or form if you're interested, just let me know

@hendrikdegrote I totally agree with your views on sharing information without any censorship. Let the people decide for themselves. I am a painter and like to use my art for addressing the social and personal issues. I will be very glad if you checked out my blog.

Welcome to the community have a nice experience with steemit !!

Hi @hendrikdegrote, I just joined a few weeks ago and stumbled on your page, started following you. I agree with you on Steemit, I invested $200 of my own money in it and really see great potential with this community. It's something I think can revolutionize not only social networks but many things that impact our society. Imagine upvoting actual services, for example you go in a store and a sales person is extra nice and helpful and you upvote that person from your phone, it's very possible, or even a waitress or driver, whatever, maybe 4 or 5 years from now this would be possible. It would have to be something where you walk in a store and the store would have the Steemit profile show up on your Steemit stream, so businesses would have to tie in to Steemit somehow, the possibilities are endless and amazing. Really grateful to be a part of this community relatively early. :)

Wow, that's awesome! Welcome aboard :)

I found your blog through a youtube channel you have so much Steem Power but why are you not online much??

I saw this post and even though its old I completely agree. I have just joined and have been posting some real life content of adventures, trips and travel.

You upvoted my motocross mining trip trip- I would like to say THANK YOU :) It is something I really enjoy and have been trying to post more like it. Thanks for your support.

I have been following you for a while now and hope to see you doing more voting , Good to have you onboard

@hendrikdegrote what do you think of this as a possible future to Steemit? I know... you never know Steemit can be so integrated in our society in the future it makes it extremely easy to tip or even fully pay people for services or whatever reasons. https://steemit.com/steemit/@wvm/a-future-of-steem-a-new-possibility

I just wanted to say thank you. I think I accidentally swam into a school of whales with one of my posts today, and your name was at the top of the list of who upvoted my post. :) thanks again

You made a great choice! And I saw to a lot of place that you share people's content, you seem to be a good person. Respect to you for that.

Thank you again for Yesterday, you made my month! =). Haha. <3

i really like the tone and vibe of this post.. Im glad i read it because you are one with influence and i can see you have the best attitude for all.

It takes guts to invest so early on on something that is for the greater good when it could easily also fail. Now already im sure you are not looking back!

Im quite new here.. i think its my 1st Week Birthday today! I would have never conceived this to even be possible until i saw it with my own eyes! What a wonderful world it CAN be!

Seems like you made a really good choice 9 months ago to invest in Steem. Thank you for helping to make it a success with your investment.

Wow 1.5 Million SP and you hardly come online :) Great investment mate

Hi Hendrikdegrote ! Thanks for your vision and support to Steemit. I'm new there and I just post my first music video. Feel free to take a look ^^. ->My First Open Mic <-.

Thanks for reading me bybye !

thanks for sharing!

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Could you please look at my blog ,please.

Welcome : )

Great investment, i believe. If i had the money to invest I would. I've only been on the site for 2 weeks and thoroughly have enjoyed it. Thanks for your commitment to seeing though to the future of this site.

I agree, hopefully what you do can be a benefit for everyone, hopefully you are successful friends @hendrikdegrote

Thank you :-)

I think you're Dutch too but just to be sure I'll write you in English:) I think it's really great you've invested a lot in Steemit:) when I've got some money to spare I'll definitely will too. I think the platform has a lot of potential and the idea behind it is truly great. I've been on Steemit for only a bit more than a week or so but have been involved on the platform several hours everday, there's so much quality content on here and the people on here are really nice too. The involvement is way deeper than with other social media platforms and I've already had a lot of great conversations on here. I wish you the best of luck with your investment :)

Amazing. Thank You for supporting Steemit and the community. I hope myself and some of the other minnows are worth your time sometime to visit and read some of the content we produced.

We need more true believers like you!!

@hendrikdegrote I am sorry for bringing up old content but this seemed like the most unobtrusive way to connect with you directly. I just wanted to say a sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart for up voting my story about my cycling adventures, your actions have truly helped.

That is all for now. Wish you all the best for the future.


Hey Hendrik,
thanks for helping steem and us. I also belive steem will have a bright future.

Welcome to steemit! It's great to see another believer in our community. I agree; there is a lot of potential here!

I invite Hon. @hendrikegrote to visit my poor blog and upvotes if you like some photo, give me some comment to improve my blog, thank you for your support

Nice to meet you @hendrikdegrote , I wish you the bests moments in steemit and your life.


I have been in the platform for quit sometime and I haven't seen you around much. I hope you remain more active. The community needs your support.

I'm here stalking your profile because I was absolutely surprised to see my post jump to 505 dollars all of a sudden. My posts are usually always below 40 dollars. I really appreciate it man. I see you don't blog, but I will be following you just in case you do in the future! :]

I'm still very much learning how it all works but I really do agree with you. It feels like we're on the precipice of something really new and exciting. I'm not really sure what it'll morph into but I do really love what it is now.

Hallo @hendrikdegrote, aan je naam te lezen ga ik er vanuit dat je Nederlandstalig bent. Ik ben pas een weekje geleden begonnen met steemit, en het verbaasd mij hoe weinig aandacht steemit heeft in Nederland (waar ik woon). Hoe denk je dat dit komt, en denk je dat de populariteit omhoog zal gaan in Nederland?

Wow man! You should post often! Thanks for investing in Steemit this just gave me more confidence. I just joined 13 days ago and looking forward to change my life with steemit!

hendrikdegrote, Thanks for the info.


Hi jordanlindsey! It seems really interesting! I would love to learn more about it.
How can i be involved?


Great @hendrikdegrote, begin following the updates. Comment and add any suggestions when you can. And I would love for you to begin beta testing if you are familiar with the MT4 platform. I will get out info on that in the next update. If not, not necessary but please do follow along.


It's really rare to see the Grand Hendrik DeGrote responding to a comment, you are privileged Jordan! :D


Hello @hendrikdegrote really nice to meet you!

I am a new artist in Steemit, what i do is Dog portraits and interesting videos.

Please take a look on my blog ;) @mentederufus

You will always be welcome


hi @hendrikdegrote how are you, hopefully fine, i see you often give vote to others, you have a good personality. but I am confused how your car gives a vote to an article. if you do not mind please tell me the steps, so I can also get it, thanks


I appreciate it BRO


Excellent friend I see that you have a good vote and support, I hope you can support me with a vote, greetings and success

Wow, thanks for believing in Steemit and in the Steemians :)
I'm pretty new here but also believe that there is so much potential in the whole Steemit ecosystem...
Eventhough this is a beta it's running pretty smoothly :)
I'm just amazed at how friendly everyone on here has been! So much better than Facebook :)

Awesome. Upvoted and Followed. I am an Artist in Canada.

With the money I got for my very first post I was able to buy myself a carpet. How cool is that? :D It's not much, just a carpet, but I'm over the moon. Is there any other platform on the internet that will allow me to get that? No wonder you belived in Steemit. I'm not upset that I found it only about a month ago, I'm happy that I found it at all!

Hello @hendrikdegrote! Ben jij toevallig nederlander? I am asking if you are dutch because they use "de" which means of. I hope you don't mind me asking, I didn't see it mentioned in your introduce me post. Take care!

Nice to meet you man! You should post more often, I think you will rock!


Keep up the grind bro beans :) Through law of averages, the more seeds you plants, the more will sprout :) Some will be premature, some over ripe, but some will also be perfect.

If you are catching my analogy :)

Yeah man.. I feel you.
That's exactly the same thing I thought when I got to know about it. It's a genius model and will help a lot of people out. It will help bring transparency in the information everyone consumes.
So excited for being part of this amazing movement and community.
Though I don't have much money on me right now to invest but I've still put in whatever I could afford.
I'll see you around bro.
Peace. :)

I am commenting on this post after 9 months og its posting date. I have seen your profile and you haven't posted a single article but you are resteeming the good ones. You could have earned enough steem but you are doing something better than that. People like you are helping these site mate. I hae joined these platform a month ago and I have to explore many things here. upvoted this post and followed you. Sorry, my upvote is not worth as i don't have enough steem power with me but it doesn't matter cause its already 9 months. Keep steeming......

Thank you for your posting. Recently I started steemit in Japan. I agree on your opinions about steem. So, i also want to boost this platform in Japan. best regards david I followed.

Amazing! So many opportunities, you did a great thing

Hi hendrikdegrote, it seems a lot had happened since you joined. I agree this platform has enormous potential. I came across this post randomly and wanted to introduce myself. I only joined in May and I'm quite addicted to it all. Most of my material is around statistical analysis of the Steem price and analysis of trends around posting on Steemit. all the best, @bitgeek

Welcome , Thanks for post, i like your post, i am now following you, please follow me, i post a funny adult story, if you like with my post, i am happy

Nice to meet you ! Also thanks for the up vote :)

I believe Steemit will be the future of social media but also distribution for producers, filmmakers, musicians and artists. I dug this older post out because I wanted to thank you personally to have been a top voter on some of my posts. But not just for me, you seem to choose good posts and artists with original content that deserve it. So keep working your magic!

A lot has changed since you posted your intro. I also believe in the success of this platform so I am not powering down even if it goes live already. Looks like this was your first post and there's none after. You might be interested in photography, just like me a point and shoot guy who posts stuff that I see everyday. Why not try sharing photos of destinations you visit, would love to see them too. Cheers and Steem on!

Hello @hendrikdegrote,
I allowed myself to leave a comment here as I'm not sure where I could've done so.
The reason of my comment is to ask you if you could write a post regarding;
what would it take for a minnow to get your attention and your support?

best regards

Wow you invested a lot, you really must believe in this platform! I just invested 38$ lol. But that doesn't mean I dont believe in it. groeten!