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Friendship is the basis and support of my life, a life that with its highs and lows has been improving little by little. We are people, each and every one of us has a flame inside us that destines us to great things. Throughout my life I overcame many difficulties, difficulties that made me strong and determined, I overcame deaths of loved ones, disappointments with loved ones and great academic difficulties. These are things that make a dent in us, making our limiting beliefs grow and this limits much of what we achieve. That is why good friendships and a good family are the impulse to break those beliefs that pull us down and do not let us take off.

I have joined Steemit not only because I like to write, but because of the community, to which I believe I have some things to contribute and from which I also have to receive. My income goes beyond the above, it is a path, a long path of sowing and reaping friendships.
I firmly believe that we can share knowledge, sorrows and joys, fortune and miseries, I believe that we can grow together, from society itself to the individual, intellectually as well as economically, religiously and socially.

At this stage of life we have already crossed primary socialization and secondary socialization and we have already lived it as well. Society itself has always been, is and will be the driving force behind improvement, innovation and civilization, especially in my case Christianity, although I have deep respect for other religions and in fact I have deep friendships that profess Islam and Jewry.

I will give all of myself to make friends here and to give to the community what I have to give and learn from it. My strength and encouragement are based on the premise that my intervention here has tangible economic value and that the rewards of the present will be worth a great deal in the future.

I want to thank @superpromoter and @voteme who are my first two followers and are making me a warm welcome to the big Steemit family.

In addition, I will have to thank my family, especially my mother for facilitating my education as a lawyer and photographer apart from being self-taught in health and cooking. Above all to my mother who was, is and will be my guide, inspiration and protector.

I love writing ("health, photography, cooking, law, motivational etc.") and, to a large extent, mobilizing culture.

I believe that as humanity we are destined for success if and only if we manage to stop the advance of climate change and truly demonstrate that we are the best versions of what God could and wanted to create, and that we will always move towards victory and continued advancement as a species and a fraternity.

I am Pablo, from Santa Fe, Argentina, hopefully we can be good friends and together we can achieve great things. For daily Helathy Recipes you can follow me on #healthrecipes .

Have a great afternoon and a terrific night my friend.

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