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Hello everyone 😍😍😍!!!

I'm Mimie, and I'm so excited to be here. It has always been my dream to join this community, and thanks to @ackza, I'm here now. I was introduced to this platform by @yawgh and I had to contend with a long wait for my approval email. It was during this wait that I was let in on a project undertaken by @ackza, where he helped create steem accounts instantly for newbies. I jumped at the opportunity and today, I am a proud steemian.!!!!!!

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It means so much to me that I got that help, and I hope together, we can all make steemit not just an online platform but a family away from home.

For all who have people waiting in line to get registered on steemit, you could get all the the relevant information from HERE.

I am a cute writer in the making, as I like to put almost every idea that come to mind into writing. I hang out with friends a lot, and like to share experiences. Truth be told, I like to eat a lot, and what really goes down well for me is: Fufu and Groundnut Soup

I am new to the crypto sphere, and I so much hope that my presence here would open my eyes to this gold-mine of a world.

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I know Ghana, or for that matter, most Ghanaians may be new to this platform, but word is out there that we are all climbing up the ladder of excellence with immense help from the likes of @ackza, @tytran, @bleepcoin, @nanzo-scoop, @surfyogi, and @pharesim.

I would also want to register my appreciation for everyone putting in any effort at all towards the upliftment of the Ghanaian community. To our leaders @tj4real, @anaman, @mcsamm, @richforever, @collins, @kwakumax, to mention but a few. I look forward to a nice relationship and a fun-filled time with y'all, as we help each other build up (in my case I really will depend on you pretty much ❤❤❤❤)

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You are welcome @mimie, you are sure going to enjoy your time here on steemit.
I wish you all the best.

Cheers @kwinesther, thank you so much for the time taken to welcome me. I'm glad you believe I will enjoy my time here. I will do well to contribute my quota to the community.!!!

Welcome on board @mimie. wish you all the best

thank you @demag for welcoming me here.

Welcome to the community make sure you follow @accra it is our local comminity page.

You will find some great onfo there for you to grow as a steemian.

The key to enjoying steem is to engage other users via your content and curation.

@masterroshi, thanks for the reception, and the tip. I will do well to participate in community activities as well as engage with members very well. Im glad Im a part of this.

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thank you so much Rich

Welcome. Please do well to upload a profile picture. @yawgh will show you

yes please, he has. It would be there by close of day today. Thank you.

Wonderful profile @mimie

Welcome Mimie!...Can't wait to see all that you'll bring on board.

welcome to the community steemit