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RE: Steemjet Newbies Hunt Launched!!!

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hold on, I'm coming.

And it's DGB, not DGD.

LTC/DGB/VTC (coins that are successfully progressing toward the completion of their development of the most advanced traditional deflationary currency as a POW chain).

The issue here is currency.

I am certain I must have typed it wrong somewhere! sorry


hold on, I'm coming.

Alright !!

And it's DGB, not DGD.

Ok... Corrected !!

I am certain I must have typed it wrong somewhere! sorry

Probably not, It's ok.

hold on, I'm coming.

Ok.. we're waiting.

This were the designs i made some months ago for the STEEM HIGH contests. Just for reminder purpose;


Here is the link to the post that was made 3 months ago;
Here are screenshot of validation of my entries


I am @kilatunzii
Tech dev team

On the wings of superstars, we are making changes

hi sir, @dimimp, i have been around steemjet programme for a long time, i follow everything happening, and seek out for ways to contribute to the growth of steemjet, once i created beautiful badges for all Space Force members as shown in this post

So sad that my work has not been appreciated.

Here is what I've been up to sir for months that I've been contributing

and i also partcipated in several steemjet contests including the steemjet logo contests were i designed professional logos for steemjet:


WhatsApp Image 2018-07-30 at 3.47.15 AM.jpeg
here is the link sire :


I created a video for introducing newbies to cryptocurrency, in our quest for crypto adoption, I believe this will help preach crypto to people.

I humbly apply for a position in the space force team. I want to be a part of this revolution. Thank you Sir.

im sorry to see your dissapointment my friend @iamchijamz

Sir. Here is my entry into the 1k steem contest.


Hello everyone, i hope we are having a good day. The gif above is my entry into the contest organized by sir @dimimp. It shows a conversation between Ned and Meflyn. Thank you

i will try to invest in dgb.

Hello @dimimp this is my design for the blind date of ned and Meflyn Awana (special advisor to the Akwa Ibom state Governor) blind date.jpg

With another picture
blind date 2-01.jpg

Ned proposes love on the date but Meflyn keeps him waiting and keeps thinking of an answer.

Link to post;

I am @kilatunzii
Tech dev team

On the wings of superstars, we are making changes

@dimimp here is my logo painting contest that you ignore


Please let something be done

Yes. It's DGB (DigiByte) @dimimp.

Please specify

Which altcoin do you recommend we trade againsts them
Is BTC or ETH or BNB?

As you'll be definitely coming, i will keep waiting @dimimp


Good morning @dimimp
Sir a token I see great chance of mooning is the WAB network. I have taken time to study exhaustively about it and so far it has been progressing. I did participate in its airdrop and I was awarded 10000WAB which I got so sale it via Mercatox

  1. Here, I got to generate an address from the exchange site in order to transfer it from my Im token wallet IMG_20180802_090819_998.JPG
  2. Here, I sent it with Gwei: 5
    Gas limit: 120000 to my WAB deposit address through IM token app.
    3.Deposit success to my Mercatox account
  3. I choose an exchange pair of which I'd love to redraw my token, which I choose btc
    Then the final step, I sold it and the required btc was deposited in my Mercatox wallet

Also sir, another currency I'd love to trade is NEO but I've got insufficient funds for that at the moment, I just realized the the more neo token you get to buy and store it on and binance also, the more neo gas you accumulate 😀. And also I see a great possibility of NEO rising to the moon by this year ending.

Here's how the looks like

Please sir, I kindly request for steem fund from you to help me participate in the WAB sale and NEO and some other token which I'd have to investigate this week and won't hesitate to give you a quick run down of my suggestion.

Please sir I need you here, THANKS 🙏

I'd also like to work for you as a delegate sir.

Please suggestion and questions are also welcomed my beloved steemjetters😀

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