Hi there, @xyzashu
We did mention the people who gonna receive their tokens, since we gonna do the airdrop manually, and we want them to be aware that they'll receive the tokens directly in their Steem Engine wallets after a week, not in a claiming way, like for example @minnowsupport did with its PAL token.
Also, is a way to let them know that they already have a number of advantages provided for free, if they hold the token and enjoy the services provided.
Thanks for your question.

Well, I was actually asking about the criteria you laid to select and offer Airdrop to these limited accounts. What was the basis to choose these accounts?


They're just arse licking top accounts to add legitimacy and because they probably have better things to do than ditch the crap token as soon as they get it.
Give them away to 90% of the rest of the community and they would do the sensible thing of selling immediately . They can't afford that to happen because they are trying to get some people to pay 1steem per share!

Couldn't find any Asians on their list . Would be interesting to understand their criteria!

@nathen007 It is our project and we decide who gets the airdrop, when and how we do that airdrop.
We keep on thinking that 1 STEEM is not an expensive prize for the advantages we're giving for buying it during the pre-sale.
Many other projects did the same with their tokens, at the same ratio, and the investor are free to decide if they want to invest or not, or if they think they'll lose money or not.
If everyone was thinking like you do, no project would get any investor just for being afraid of what will happen next.
Time ago I decided to stop thinking about money and thinking about the good intentions and focuses of the project.
Easy as that.

@nathen007 It is our project and we decide who gets the airdrop, when and how we do that airdrop.

Ah! C'mon, the 69 Rep.CEO, «The Talent Club» y la madre que los parió!!!...

¡I'm convinced! So.....

But let me first consult this with my financial advisor @nnnarvaez.

And Btw!! Good instructional & eye-opening detailed post @xyzashu. };)

@por500bolos No sabía que hubiera tanta envidia hacia nosotros.
Eso solo es síntoma de que hemos hecho bien las cosas y las seguimos haciendo.
Gracias por tu aporte.
Saludos. De hecho no es envidia ni nada por el estilo lo que pudiese haber/existir hacia ustedes o vuestro proyecto. Ni tampoco nada nuevo que tu ignoraras sobre lo de de donde puede provenir la supuesta animadversión hacia este proyecto o el del que ya antes habéis fundado. No hay más que seguir el rastro de miguitas que habéis dejado por doquier en vuestra trayectoria para darse uno cuenta de hacia donde conducen.

Quizás solo un poco mas de transparencia, humildad y sindéresis en la elección/selección de los miembros honorarios y vitalicios de vuestro piramidal esquema y jerarquizado club. Y menos nepotismo, burocracia, mariconadas y arranques de prepotencia y mal enfocada soberbia ya confirmado, sin duda les proporcionaría mas apoyo y muy probablemente las herramientas necesarias para llevar a cabo este nuevo proyecto de una forma mas coherente y mejor coordinada y estructurada.

Si aún no lo han hecho, de verdad os recomiendo que lean con gran atención y detenimiento el articulo ponderado e imparcial que ha escrito @xyzashu sobre vosotros y vuestra propuesta. Y lo analicéis en detalle y profundidad para una mejor comprensión de lo que es aún perfectible y en que os podéis haber equivocado hasta ahora sin tener necesidad de defenderos tanto o emitir tantas excusas. ;)


Lamentamos que tengas esa impresión @por500bolos pero te digo, sin prepotencia, que también puedes leer ya nuestra respuesta en dicho artículo que dices y aprender de los errores de su autor, que correctamente le hemos explicado para que vea que no tiene razón, aunque los haters os alimentéis de artículos basura como ese.

@xyzashu The basis to choose those accounts was based in our subjective perception: friendly projects, friendly people, important witnesses and old users who give valuable content to the Steemit platform , from our perspective.
We think we have the rights to airdrop the people we want.
We also are sorry if someone feels offended for not receiving it.

Answer his question. What was the criteria to get on your air drop ? Or you daren't answer?

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I did answer already, but trust me we have better things to be pending of someone like you who knows little about what he talks about, at least regarding our project.

Perhaps there wouldn't be as many questions if the "project" was clear on exactly what it was except to trick people into paying 1 Steem for a token, a known joke token, and "upvotes"

Well, for us is very clear what we provided and I think we clearly explained it all. Maybe it's truth that there is a lot of information about but I think it's easy to deduce that we offer a series of services, more than just upvotes @swelker101.
I repeat that 0.22$ (STEEM price) it's not an expensive price for a pre-sale period where we offer a 20% discount in our token plus an extra airdrop that multiplies the quantity bought per 20.

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