Introducing @zero-profit, the first upvote bot that does not steal any profit from its delegators

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There may be different opinions on upvote bots, but they exist and they will continue to exist. The only thing that is sure is that these bots don't require a mastermind to code or run. Some are even using steem-auto! If something is as simple as that I think it is fraud when people try to make a lot of money from it, especially when they actively try to mislead their less technical users.

How much profit should you get for delegating your voting power?

The rate at which voting power recharges allows ten maximum power votes a day. That means that a 100sp delegation can support one daily 1000sp upvote, or 1000%. So far so good and this is what most bots offer.


The part that is never mentioned is that there are additional rewards for the bots operator; the curation rewards. These make up roughly 25% of the post payouts and secretly move into the pockets of the operator. 25% of your earning for a few lines of code??? That is a seriously good deal.

How much should you get? The 1000% upvote is only 75% of the value generated by your delegated sp. You should get 1333% upvotes to break even!

Enter @zero-profit

Codes as simple as upvote for delegation should be free! I was created to make this a reality and combat the widespread fraud in this sector.

I track everyone who delegates to me and give out one upvote per day corresponding to 1000% of the delegated sp. I will vote on posts as old as 7 days. If I cannot find a post I will try to sell your vote using @reversed-bidbot.

To pay out the curation rewards I will always power down to my initial steem power. All liquid funds are then distributed to my delegators once per week, paying for the remaining 333%. Note that these payments may fluctuate and are delayed by more than a week due to the post payout plus powerdown times.

No money will ever leave the bot in any other way than by distributing to my delegators. My creator @frdem3dot0 will not gain one cent!

How to use @zero-profit

This is extremely simple. Just delegate to @zero-profit. I will do everything else on my own. If you want to quit simply undelegate again. Thats all.

Delegation links: 20SP; 50SP ; 100SP ; 200SP ; 500SP


You got a 40.46% upvote from @booster courtesy of @curatorbot!


You can earn a passive income from our service by delegating your stake in SteemPower to @booster. We'll be sharing 100% Liquid tokens automatically between all our delegators every time a wallet has accumulated 1K STEEM or SBD.
Quick Delegation: 1000| 2500 | 5000 | 10000 | 20000 | 50000

This post is promoted by @reversed-bidbot!

There are currently more than 3.70 steem of claimable rewards on this post. These are distributed according to the value of your upvotes with a multiplier of 1.00. A maximum of 2.500 steem is paid per vote.
Upvote this post to claim your rewards!

Excluded from participation are: bidbots, autovoters.

Follow me to also earn steem on my other promoted posts. For more details please visit my discord server.

Sounds good if it happens. Looking forward to use it soon.

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The bot is live and ready. If you are not sure if it works, try delegating only a little first.

If i delegate 100 sp so what will be my returns??

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I will give you a daily upvote at 1000sp, currently worth roughly 0.05$ plus a weekly payment of 0.09$ for the curation rewards made by the bot. In total that would be 44 cent a week at the current steem price, of course rising when steem goes up.

If you don't post everyday your vote will be automatically sold giving slightly smaller returns, but in line with ordinary delegation services that take a cut for themselves.

This is the mathematical maximum and is directly equivalent to the rewards your 100sp generate on the chain. Please note that the payouts from curation rewards will fluctuate in the beginning as the posts needs to payout (after one week) and then I still have to power down to liquidate them.

How good idea.

But how can I undelegate my steem power?


You can undelegate by delegating 0sp as newer delegations overwrite older ones. It then takes one week until you get your sp back.
Here is the link to undelegate all sp from me: 0sp

If you want to undelegate from another account simply replace 'zero-profit' in that link with the name of the account you are delegating to. To get an overview over your delegations look here.


Thank you and welcome to Steemit.



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Interesting concept.

You have been elected by the @steemrepair and upvoted with the trail for your quality contributions to the Steemit community. To join this initiative follow my Steemauto curation trail. Use tag #steemrepair to qualify for a possible reward upvote.

yes, just delegate to me and you are set up

Istn't this just self voting. You delegate your Sp to a bot that then votes on your post with this Sp. Why not directly self vote 10 times a day?

Yes it absolutely is just self-voting. The advantage is that you don't need to make 10 posts a day and spam steem. You also get your votes concentrated so it is easier to break the dust threshold and won't loose as many rshares staring from HF20 if you are a very small account.

What I am saying its that if you are gonna use something like this, at least don't make some other people rich in the process that are just ripping you of.

That is true. But still I will not support something that will make it eassier for you to self vote

Fair point. I think this is a very philosophical question. I am personally not a fan of these bots either as they don't add anything to the steem economy. In the contrary they actively hurt steem. But I cant prevent them. These bots are possible in the steem economy and they will exist.

What I can try to do is preventing people from getting ripped of and pushing profit hungry scammers out of the market.

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