Yes it absolutely is just self-voting. The advantage is that you don't need to make 10 posts a day and spam steem. You also get your votes concentrated so it is easier to break the dust threshold and won't loose as many rshares staring from HF20 if you are a very small account.

What I am saying its that if you are gonna use something like this, at least don't make some other people rich in the process that are just ripping you of.

That is true. But still I will not support something that will make it eassier for you to self vote

Fair point. I think this is a very philosophical question. I am personally not a fan of these bots either as they don't add anything to the steem economy. In the contrary they actively hurt steem. But I cant prevent them. These bots are possible in the steem economy and they will exist.

What I can try to do is preventing people from getting ripped of and pushing profit hungry scammers out of the market.

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