My introduction at Steemit

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Hello Friends,

I am Yuzin, 23 years old working in chemical field. I am an enthusiast of cryptocurrency and have learned lot of related terms and articles since last one year.

I have been hearing about Steemit from my friends for quite some time and at last I am here. Hope I share lot of interesting and wonderful new interaction with all the community. I want learn new things as much as possible.

I am a person of shy nature who likes music and reading. Since I was a kid, I've been inextricably linked to books. My best friend is a book. I enjoy reading. What are your thoughts?

Talking about Steemit platform I am greatly excited and love to share as much as possible with you all.

This is all from me for now. I wish a great time with you.



Hi @yuzin!! Welcome to Steem Community! I hope you enjoy #steemit.

I'd like to invite you to join Newcomers Community. There is a program where you will go through a series of achievements and completing some tasks so you get to learn more about this great platform. For a start, please check out this post, @cryptokannon will guide you!!

There are many growing communities here that you may want to join.

For knowing about different places, Steem Geography

For music, check out Music For Steem 🎵 .

For writing, Writing & Reviews Community.

Steemit Nursery is a community for you, as Steemit Newborn, to be accompanied at the beginning of your Steemit journey.

For photography, World of Xpilar hosts many photography contests.

Please follow @steemitblog for the latest update and news on steem and @steemingcurators for Steem Community contest and challenges.

Have a nice day!

The Steem Greeters Team

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