Glad to be on board! Any tips?

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So I decided it's time for an introduction.

In the crypto world I go by Xailer.

I am in my late 20's and from Rockford IL, USA.

I decided to join steemit after experiencing some success in the crypto world via mining and trading. I enjoy spending time with my beautiful family more than anything. I have one son and a daughter on the way with the most amazing beautiful fiance I could have ever asked for.

I see and can't stand corrupt leaders from all levels of government and business from the macro all the way down to the micro.

I believe in god but I do not believe in organized religion. God can only be found from within and not from "without".

Does anyone have any tips for success on Steemit? I would be more than delighted to hear.

Thank you all so much for the wonderful community! Glad to be here!


You should try to write good quality content that adds value to the community . Well written and original posts are appreciated the most.

Also as SBD is so high right now it's unprofitable to use upvote bots as 50% of the reward get's converted into SP.

Welcome my Friend! Great intro! You are going to love it here! It is such an amazing Community! Everyone is very helpful and kind! Thank you so very much for following me! It means the world to me! Great Karma! Blessed 2018 my Friends! :)

Hi @xailer, and Welcome to Steemit! My parents in law live in Stillman Valley close by Rockford! I'm glad to read that you are a happy man with an awesome family. I have seen so much misery in Rockford... To succeed in Steemit, follow people who follow you, upvote them and resteem content that you like, people will do the same for you! It's hard to start but once you're on, it's for good. Wish you a lot of success and don't forget to follow back! Cheers!

welcome to steemit @xailer, best regards..
hopefully you feel at home here. 😊

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