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Maybe it is a little rude, I didn't introduce myself yet. And at first I didn't even had the purpose of doing it. But every day I see, that Steemit is becoming more and more personal. It somehow reminds me of Facebook platform, where we post important informations to help all the people, who actually read it or watch videos, and keep them open-minded. The real difference is, people here on Steemit are way more progressive and positive. And you actually get something for informing others.

In the title I already somehow mentioned, I was here on Steemit before. But that was 2 years ago, and in that time this platform didn't have so much members, so it was not so interesting. I closed my account after few weeks. But today, I think Steemit is getting real. It is still in beta version, but it is growing rapidly.

For my topic, I've chosen money flow, interesting patterns, history of money, and how it is all repeating over and over... and of course crypto currencies :)

Well, if there will be enough readers of this post, you can give me some ideas, what you want to know, and I can find that information :)


Peace ;)

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Welcome back to steemit @worldfinances

I hope you enjoy yourself in this great community that has grown - and don't leave again :-D

It is way better now. And actually..worth to stay :)

I've only been here these past 10 days - I'm addicted :-)

Now you know, what drug is :P

This one is good for me...and my wallet ;-)

Welcome to steemit @worldfinances !
Hope you enjoy seeing steemit explode before your eyes. I personally think it's just a matter of time before it eventually blows.

It is really interesting time to be in. I just hope, there will not be dotcom bubble 2.0. Or maybe that would be even better. We could invest into bitcoin with price 3$ :D


grande "metro" ultra boomin :D I really like your last two posts. Sure I will. Let's say that's a deal :)

Great bro! And thanks for the positive feedback. Will def try my best everytime ;) Be well ;)

Welcome back :)

Thanks ;)

Welcome to Steem @worldfinances I have sent you a tip

Welcome back! Follow me at https://steemit.com/@bitgeek

Hello. Welcome to steemit and hope you have fun! All the best @wassa

Better late than never.
Welcome to Steemit. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do! :-)

cool predstavitev, follow, upvote (mogoče bi tudi jaz moral delat kaj na tem :)))

To je po želji. Ni "mus", je pa priporočeno ;)