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I've been exploring the steemit social network and think I have figured out the most part of what it is all about. I was wondering what I could use it for, and how to tie it into my blog wolfeblog.net or perhaps some of my fiction writing I would like to get back into.

So here it is, my intro post. ...

I'm a casual geek, and prepper. Most of my work on the net is in the nature of writing non-fiction for either my blog, or webmastering the American Preppers Network and Prepper Broadcasting but...

I love end of the world fiction.

So I am going to give it a shot at writing some fiction here, mostly TEOTWAWKI and distopia, but any fiction that grabs my imagination will be place here.

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Hi @wolfeblog, "Welcome to STEEMIT"
Greetings know, hopefully with your presence give a new color in steemit, hopefully with expertise yabg you have to add insight for readers who use steemit account wherever they are.
And do not forget, If you are a poet lover and love to read poetry, you can browse my account at @alanmirza. There I write my poetry.
Thank you, compact greeting always.
Best regards steemers :)

@wolfeblog glad you finally decided to take the plunge. Why you didn't listen to me sooner, I do not know. Better late than never...Well, Steemit is still in it's infancy so you aren't late, it's still the beginning.

To everyone welcoming @wolfeblog, please leave REAL comments. I will randomly select 1 REAL comment for a full upvote....None of this "I upvote you, you upvote me" garbage that #introduceyourself is flush with. Put some real thought into your comments. I won't downvote you but you won't win any love that way either.

Hi Wolfeblog I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community ! Nice post, Wish you much luck! Cheers! i will follow your account, please follow me .

Welcome to Steem @wolfeblog I have upvoted and sent you a tip

Hi @wolfeblog, Welcome to Steem, remember me when you are rich :]

Hello and Welcome! Nice to meet you! Thanks for join

I am going to follow for awhile. I also love the end of the world as we know it stories. That is why I am following, so I can read your future best selling book before anyone else.

Follow me at:

I knew I had heard your name before- the American Preppers Netowrk!
Welcome to steemit!

I subscribe to the newsletter and get TONS of info from your links, etc