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Hello steemit, this is me

Hello my name is willians, I am from a city called Barquisimeto to the Western Center of Venezuela, my family is composed of my wife, my parents and my brother. I am the youngest of the family we live in the northern part of the city, Barquisimeto is a small city of approximately 2 million inhabitants. It is called the twilight city because of its beautiful sunsets and it is the musical capital of the country because in almost every family there is a great musician.
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My parents: my mom is a retired teacher and my father who worked hard during my childhood to give my brother and me the essential education, food, health and recreation.

I am a senior university technician in computer science graduated in 2007, I currently work in the Environmental Health area, specifically in the area of computer science and statistics where we handle all the statistics of diseases such as Dengue, Zika, Malaria and others. I really like the world of cryptocurrencies, Community Manager apprentice and sometimes I work as FreeLancer, I like technology and everything related to networks.



I met this platform out of curiosity, when I saw a friend making videos, a blog, which I went up to a page, at first I thought it was a simple social network, the restlessness took me to research on the internet, YouTube how this platform works and what great that is. The little time that I have been here has enchanted the page I know that I still have a lot to learn I hope that by going through the days is a lot of learning and can be helping people to integrate and join this great social network.


A wonderful publication that went on with this work

Welcome to the world of Steemit. I wish you all the very best for your new journey here @ Steemit and I wish you find Steemit as interesting and enjoyable as I do

Welcome to Steem @witorr.

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All the Best!!!

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“Wishing you the best…”


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Thank you so much for your interest!

statistics where we handle all the statistics of diseases such as Dengue, Zika, Malaria and others.

Looks like you people are doing really important task. This type of statistics are really essential to fight against these. Good job.

By the way, welcome to this great community. Hope that you will find it as really a good place.