Hi Steemit , this is my introduction

Hi everyone, my name is Donna. I will be hoping on here to take a look and talk on certain things from TV shows , food , drinks, books etc- old and new, but first here's a lot about myself !


I have been married for 18 years with a 16 year old teen, we also have 2 mad as hatter dogs as well!
I have been a vegetarian for 26 years now, my fave meal is pizza and chips with a helping of beans or onion rings, I love eating big bags of crisps, chocolate , biscuits which takes me to my nick name that my husband gave me - biscuit face , has every time he turns to look at me I am stuffing my face with biscuits which is not true -honest !! And love peanut butter, all that food washed down with a diet coke/pepsi , just a can a day.Also I drink matcha green tea , it is finely ground green tea powder ,lovely mixed with milk !


I like to read a lot - from classics to detective novels mainly set in the victorian times to the 40s era , I am known to read kids books like Famous Five , Nancy Drew as well ,bit weird I know!!
I love sci fi, horror shows/films big fan of Supernatural and The Walking Dead (and partial to Fear The Walking Dead too).Also like watching detective shows like Father Brown,Poirot etc.Sitcoms are a good watch too for me.And love Pysch the tv show


80s music I love listening too ,reminds me of a kid and long summer holidays !


I have a interest in whether there is alien life or not, conspiracies and flat earth, also crystals and meditate each day , I find incense sticks and watching the smoke from them quite calming or is that just me??
I have 2 tattoos but would like more and my fave footwear are my baseball boots- a pair that I bought when Waynes World was first out, a pair my husband got me and a pair of Converse.


If I was too host a dinner party I would to invite Nostradamus , Da Vinci and Nickola Tesla, imagine what there could tell you!

Well I have gone on too long now , looking forward to airing my views/reviews and seeing peoples views and videos and get used to the site xxx

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Welcome to steemit how are you? I was amazed to know that you are a vegan for 26 years how did you do that I know it's hard to give up eating those food that we get used to eating before.


Thank you for comment , I am very well thank you and how are you ? I was not that hard to give up meat and fish, I did start off by just giving up meat then giving up fish , and the rest I do not think about now, there are plenty of meat free alternatives out there xxx

Welcome to Steemit @winchestergirl42! It seems a little hard at the first, but no worries! We are willing to give you a hand anytime. Feel free to ask anything.
This post will help you to get to know the community better.
By the way, I'm also a huge fan of famous five and Nancy Drew! Glad to know some adults love them too.
See you around!<3


Thanks for your comment , reading takes you another time and place x

Welcome to steemit Donna, hope you have a great time here, and I too am into Tesla, looking forward to seeing your posts. :-)


Thanks for your comment , I am looking forward to joining in on the steemit site , meeting new and interesting people :-)

Hello and welcome :)
thanks for sharing.
have a good time here ;)
best regards @tommithomson


thank you for your welcome xx

Hi Donna!
Welcome to Steemit!
I also love to read. I'm new here on steemit.
I'm pretty excited to meet awesome people! :)

Followed you!


Thanks , hope you have great time too x

Nice to meet you! I also love food! Haha! And I think crystals and incense is so calming. I love your tattoos and red hair! Your dog looks so cute!


sadly my hair has gone back to my natural colour , just give my hair a rest x

Hello Donna, thanks for always saying hello when I post fun having some one to say hello to up here. Here's a pic from the 1980s for you...
My cat Twinkle and me...



awesome hat , you look very 80's !! my 80s pics are with my mum , maybe will have to get them out ; ) , bless Twinkle as well

Hello Dona. Welcome to steemit way past post date lol lol lol.


better late than never and thanks x