My Introduction Post

Hi Steemians,

I've been a member of this wonderful community for a couple of weeks now, and am thrilled with the welcome and support I have received. I have written a couple of posts so far already, so I thought I should get around to writing my 'introduce yourself' post.

I love to cook and I love food. I am not a professional chef, rather a recreational chef. I like to experiment with different ingredients and types of cuisine and see if I can come up with delicious dishes that are not too difficult to make, and that I can share with others. I also have interests in travelling, technology, life experiences, and as of late, cryptocurrency. I see posts from a lot of steemians that have similar interests, so I am really hoping to connect with them. When I am not working, and not on steemit, I am usually spending time with family.

I will leave you with the posts I have written so far, and am looking forward to engage with as many steemians as I can and exchange experiences -



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Hi! Welcome!

I Followed you when u made your first post! Can't wait to see more.


I know and appreciate it. I recognized you, and BTW, I loved your post today on the eighties music. I thought I posted a comment but was on my cell phone at the time, so not sure what went wrong. Good post, I love the eighties!

Welcome to Steemit @willwriteforfood! Nice to meet you. Remember me when you are rich! PS. Follow @enazwahsdarb for entrepreneurial value content, my blog!

Welcome to the community, Chef! Follow me at


I see what you mean