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RE: Hey there, I'm new here...Allow me to introduce myself

Hi @honeysim , I love your energetic introduction and the fact that you ask yourself, "How will I add value?"
I was also going to invite you to the contest above, but I see @tifaong beat me to it. ;)
Hope to see you there. Maybe you'll write more about your adjustment to life in Japan? I am likely to visit there in a few years. I don't speak Japanese either! (Yet).


Why, thank you @wholeself-in. I am happy you enjoyed reading my introduction. Yeah, he beat you to it but that is alright - teamwork. My writings will definitely include life in Japan. You should make that visit happen; it is a beautiful place and no worries about not speaking Japanese. I have been surviving without knowing much so you will be fine. Plus, Japan is delving further into making English apart of its daily runnings. It would still be good to study some general Japanese for the sake of introduction and greetings :-).

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