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RE: How my path towards self sufficiency led me to steemit!

Hey man, welcome!

Awesome introduction post and awesome pictures - Maybe check out @czechglobalhosts! He has a picture contest every day which could be great for you!

Where do you orginally come from? Greece? Cause your name somehow sounds german (Foto = Photo, Stef = Stefan, german form of Steven)?!

Martin aka @theaustrianguy


Thank you so much Martin, I really appreciate your support and the resteem!
I know all about @czechglobalhosts and his contests, he has even done a presentation of me twice but thank you very much for the thought.
I am Greek, born and raised at a suburb of Athens but I skipped that part at my post and fotostef is a nickname I am using since my first email address and it is foto because photo was taken and stef from Stefanos :)

Best, Stefanos!

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