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Steemit was the highlight of my day yesterday, I felt nostagia from when the the whole internet was brand new! Or when skype had a relatively small number of users!! I felt excited to escape my now mundane online presence and I felt hope that finally this might be the platform that liberates my voice to an audience who will be honest because authentucity has value. #dreambig
I will introduce myself, by video or voice, but for now this myfirstpost ! Nice to nearly meet you all virtually 🌈
I am Viv Brown, I am another creator, testing my perceptions against reality. You can find me (probably less and less) here or on Youtube

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Welcome to Steemit of you! Glad to have you on Steemit. Continue doing good post.
I wish you the best! Hope you gonna have fun with our community and see you soon.

Congratulations on joining this platfrom steemit is my new friend, @vivinova what you are looking for and want available in paltfrom steemit . to work through your intelligence in terms of writing and taking pictures that can attract crowded people and good luck

Welcome to Steemit @vivinova ! You will find facistbook obsolete soon. I have replaced instagram with SoLa:

Add me follow friend


Welcome to Steem @vivinova. Feel free to follow me @kanasite and upvote. Cheers :). Also check out my latest post about blockchain my first post was tonight as well...lost my key...nice to be on finally!

Hello @vivinova
We have given you our still tinnie-winnie upvote!
You have been spotted by @authors.leage to possess rare gem!

So what can we do than to seal the deal, give you our tiny upvote and celebrate you, for everyone has something to offer.

We welcome you to the #untalented family. Feel free to come around for its a home with us. Flaws allowed, so relegate reservations and play with that beautiful mind of yours, let's tap into more hidden aspects of you. No average, no bum, just awesome you and the best version of YOU is a gift to humanity everytime. Stay awesome!

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I am happy to join a member of Steam and I am sure you will be working on this site and welcome to this site
Welcome to Steem @dylanstone . Feel free to follow me @dylanstone and upvote. Cheers :)

Welcome Viv! The mamas emerge...