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I'm Happy to be on Steemit


I have been on Steemit for several weeks and recently have been busy with Steemmonsters writing. I’ve got several cards, including two legendary. I’m really looking forward to the game.

A little about myself. I have a type of autism called Dyspraxia. It is a movement disorder; some call it a developmental disorder. I’ve had this disorder since infancy. It was brought on by a severe form of spinal meningitis. Thankfully an Army doctor was able to prescribe a new antibiotic that was able to destroy the meningitis. I was just ten days old then according to my medical records.

At the age of three years, I entered special education for a learning disability and poor coordination. Dyspraxia was not a known medical condition at that time. I was teased about my inability to learn as others did, and teased about my slow movements. When others were focusing on the newest trends, I was concerned about learning. What many people still do not understand about the autism spectrum is that there are different levels of severity. I think differently and speak differently.

Some of the Dyspraxia symptoms I exhibit are:

  • Gross motor coordination skills (large movements)

  • Tendency to fall, trip, bump into things and people

  • Poorly established hand dominance

  • Talk continuously and repeat myself.

  • Uncontrolled speech pitch, volume and rate

  • Lack of awareness of body position in space and spatial relationships

I have many more symptoms of Dyspraxia but these are the major symptoms. See for more information on this disorder.

My Hobbies

Since childhood I've been a huge Star Trek fan. The characters and the storylines are very interesting to me.

John de Lancie as Q is always a mystery.

Graffiti impression of Spock

Star Trek images courtesy of

I also collect SF memorabilia. I should say too much memorabilia. I do have a wide range of interests, which is how I ended up on Steemit.

I am encouraged through Steemit to take a writer’s class and join a writer’s group. I’ll be writing posts about my experiences, and I'll be sure to tell everyone I meet about Steemit.

Live Long and Prosper

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