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RE: 🌜The First Photography Community on STEEM Blockchain.🌛

i tried to connect my Bescouted account to the steemit account right now but got this error - Invalid Private Posting Key
is this possible that i connected already ? how can i know please David ?


I am almost positive that you are copy/pasting your first posting key that you see when you open permissions tab right? To get the private posting key that is needed you actually need to press a button "show private key" next to it and use it. Sadly we were so short on time to include link with the tutorial, but so many people have this issue. Something needs to be done :) Let me know if that works.

hey David !
done ! it took some time to find this tab and finally everything is connected now

So welcome to BeScouted on the blockchain then :) Hoping to get some delegated steem soon and we will be curating quality photos on BeScouted :) So make sure you are uploading there and keep in mind it will show on your steemit wall too :)

yes i have to try some test with my posts

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