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Hey guys!


I've been screaming down the roof since morning. I'm still trying to get a cool and stop freaking out my neighbors since I got the mail😁. I've finally become a member of the community. I've waited for over a million years, in my mind! Lol.

Ok, let me introduce myself

My name is Victoria, and I actually prefer Vickemerald. I'm from the great black nation, Nigeria. A place where you just woke up and the first question anyone asks you is: "Ah, have you woken up? " 😂. And I am like, "no o, we are in my dream together". It's a fun-filled place to be in. Ask any tourists you know 😉. I actually love my country so much, even though I still want to get the heck out!

I'm a teacher and a writer. I really want to make impact on the society and make large amendments in the system and steemit is about making it happen.

The system is just what you'd really want to impact on. Let me explain;

I never started out with the intention of being a teacher. In fact, I actually wanted to be a lawyer, but the education system, hmmm...,

I applied for law and was given public administration. It would have been better if that was all! Public administration course runs for 5 years but I did it for 7. At the end of the day I found myself applying again to study education, and that's how I became a teacher. Well, I'm going to make good use of it anyways!

About my lifestyle,

I'm a Christian and a member of the prestigious largest congregation worldwide, Living Faith Church, aka Winners Chapel. It's so great being a part of this family. What could I do without them? 😏 Christ has given me this family to replace all that's been lost in the past. You can try out being a part of us, you can't regret it! 😉

I'm super excited to be a part of us finally. All thanks to boo-boo @corbandjan. He introduced me to steemit and I will sure make it a fun-filled journey together with all my steemian friends and family.

I love you all
I love steemit
I represent #project20millionnaija
I rep #stach Nigeria

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your r looking nice...


Thanks dear. Make sure to follow me 😉

Your intro has a good amount of humour 😊😊
Welcome to steemit

I am glad to see you)


Thank you.

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Oh.. very cool intro post, you are welcome to world great social community steemit. Like you, most of people in the world not obtain their favorite position ( i mean favorite job or business) like your country, Indian also not getting theirs desired one ( including marriage! lol.). You have expressed obviously that's very good. Enjoy steemit platform with lots of fun.

#air-clinic and #hug-challenge

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Your introductory post alone has got me smiling like a fish. Hope your future posts will always put this smile on my face. Welcome to steemit dearie.


Thanks dearie... Don't worry, expect more from me😉

Are you married? Well its nice to have you here. Enjoy steemit


Lol... Almost. Why do you ask?

Welcome & good luck

Welcome to Steemit! (Excellent 1st Post. Don't Stop.)
Upvoted & Followed! :-)
It's very nice to meet you. :-)
Excellent Picture! :-)

You said, "Ah, have you woken up? " 😂. And I am like, "no o, we are in my dream together".

To me this is a very profound statement... I Love it...

I hope you have lots of fun here and make many friends! :-)
Thank you for sharing! :-)



Thanks for the compliment dear... I'd be glad to make more friends, I've already made you anyways 😉, followed! It would be more fun with you.


You're very welcome! Thank you for your reply and for following! :-)
Wishing you a happy day and night always!

If you have any questions about Steemit or anything at all, feel free to ask me. :-)


Thanks... I'm honored! I'm making a new post soon, I hope it'd be awesome. You might help me through it. I would love to dm you but my steemit chat isn't working, I don't know why


Thank you for your reply! ☺

I'll be happy to help you in any way that I can. Just let me know. ☺


You do hypnosis? I've never really met a real life hypnotized person or a hypnotic. Probably I'd get to meet you


Yes I've been interested in hypnosis since I was just a child.

I have a few certifications but I have not yet made it a business.