My Introductory and First Post as a Steemian

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Hello Steemians!

A late introduction here about myself, got busy with school projects.

Anyways, I am Rio Vince M. Booc, 21 years old from Pangan-an, Olango Island, Cebu , Philippines. But at present I'm living in Mandaue City, Cebu , Philippines.


Currently, I'm finishing of my degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering at UCLM (University of Cebu Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue). Hopefully will be done with this by the end of May so that makes me a mid-year graduate.

I am more interested in online games like Dota 2 , League of Legends , Mobile Legends etc. I'm also interested in playing Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball.

I also have background in C++, html, python, c#, java programming and in editing pictures using photoshop, and editing videos using sony vegas. So you can ask me anything within my knowledge.

And that is all about me.

A big thank you to @chuuuckie who encourage me to join #steemit, and also to @venzam and @lequiry. Thankyou!

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Hi and welcome here! When I started on steemit, my biggest problem was to find interesting people to interact with. So, to help newcomers getting started I created a directory with other interesting and or talented steemians to follow or interact with. Feel free to check it out at I am sure it will help you find like-minded people. Enjoy your stay here and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

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Hi @chuuuckie!



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Hi @venzam!



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Ah, Computer Science! That's awesome! Do you have a career track in mind? What's been your favorite class so far? Mine was combinatorics, a subset of discrete math. It's actually really relevant to computers and the way that they operate.

Welcome, computer engineer.

Hello @venice24

Welcome to Steemit & Wish you luck - success with Steemit!

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Hello Vince, Welcome to Steem. You have quite an impressive CV, I would say. I see your friends are largely involved with Drugwars and I have no doubts you will follow that path. It is a great path actually.

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Hello Rio,
This is not an automated answer its ME and welcome to Steemit.
You are a Steemian now! And your first blog is online. Better late than never, and I'm sure one day we will say those were the very early days of Steemit, so congrats! Whats essential here is regular posting off good quality blogs.
So start writing ! Tell us about your life, passion, animals or your work.
That Will attract possible followers.
Do be carefull with your passwords, they are yours and yours only.
Look up the free Steemify app in the Appstore or read this blog Thats helpfull too.
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Hope this helps for now. Good luck, and Full Steem Ahead! Let me know if you have questions,

Love from the Netherlands

You are great.