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Hello Steemians! I'm Mark and I'm living here in the wonderful land of the Philippines. Well I'm the kind of person who loves to eat, love watching anime and bonding with my friends, specially to my love one. I'm not into social thingy like posting and sharing some photos, thoughts and knowledge of mine but I do love taking picture of anything that looks good to me.

I first heard of steemit through my workmate and told me that joining this community can get you rewarded from sharing and I got curious about it and so I tried it.

Here I am, officially one of you guys. Let's help and upvote each other. Follow me and I'll do the same.

Thank you! and always have a good day Steemians!

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Welcome to steemit!
I am a bot built for the purposes of welcoming new users! I know that steemit may seem very overwhelming to you right now but don't worry. There's a learning curve to everything so just be patient and you'll be churning out posts and becoming a part of something great in no time!

Also if there are any questions that you may have, then just ask your questions on any of my blog posts and I'll be more than happy to assist you with whatever questions you may have! I will also be creating a basic starting out guide for all minnows and newcomers on my blog so do give it a read as that might help answer many of your questions!

Have fun and I wish you LOADS of success on here! :)

Also. you can call upon originalworks whenever something you post is your own content like this: @originalworks


Great intro, Welcome to this Steemit Family ! It is a great community. i hope you go enjoy here. keep it up. @arvindkumar please upvote & follow me

Sure thing @arvindkumar thanks!

Welcome to the best community ever which values our hardwork . Hope you'll have good time here. Gud people are waiting for you... Feel free to share what you like with me and be in touch @sarinakhan

Thanks for the warm welcome @sarinakhan follow back hehe

Welcome to the club! Cheers! =)

Thanks! Follow back @neihy05

Welcome to Steemit! Look forward to your contributions. Good on you!

Thank you for welcoming me @lopezdacruz

Hi.. Welcome to Steemit

please follow me @daverdp..
I will follow you and upvote you

Thank you

Thank you @daverdp I just followed you. Let's upvote each other.

Will do @stevekelly thanks!

Wow. Nice one. ✋

Vow lovely fake moustaches

Thank you @drqamranbashir I just followed you.


Hey Mark Welcome to Steemit!

I think of Bleach when I saw your name.

We look forward to what you would write about.

Thank you @maverickinvictus Yes, I got my username from bleach. I hope that I can write interesting things here when I got the chance.

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