Canada's Largest Model Owned Adult Talent Agency.


My name is Hank, and I am the lead agent with True North Talent.  We are Canada's largest model owned Adult Talent Agency. We are office based in Toronto, Ontario, however we represent adult talent from coast to coast. We work with some of the biggest production companies in the adult industry, and our roster of amazing talent is available for professional bookings worldwide. All models on our roster become part owners of the agency, similar to a de-centralized business concept. Using our agency's in-house production facilities, we enable our performers to create, collaborate, and produce shared content with each other, essentially making all of our models self sustainable.

I am here on steemit primarily to promote our agency, and our performers. Also to connect with other's who are a part of the adult industry landscape. We have been very excited with the different, creative ways blockchain technology is being utilized within the adult industry lately. I am also here keeping a close eye on some new ground breaking projects that I believe have the potential to change the Adult industry landscape, for the better.

Thank you for welcoming both myself, and my roster of wonderful talent to this platform. Pleas feel free to have a look at our website at and meet our performers.

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Welcome to STEEMIT! I'm glad to see you here! Keep up great work and enjoy the steem family

Thank you very much. Glad to be a part of the community.

welcome! Looking forward to read more from you :)

Welcome to Steemit @truenorthhank!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Thank you so much for the upvote and follow. And also for the great info. Very helpful for a newbie like myself.

Dropped you a follow and an upvote 💋

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